Mosquito Control Services For Your St. Petersburg Home

Protect family, friends, and home with comprehensive mosquito treatments.

As a Florida resident, you’re already aware of how mosquitoes are more than just a summer nuisance. Instead, they’re a year-round problem. And, because they can carry dangerous diseases—from the Zika virus to the West Nile virus and much more—they can go far beyond being a nuisance, crossing over into becoming a danger.

These diseases can be transmitted to humans through simple mosquito bites, which is why it’s important to do all you can to control the mosquito population by your home.

Fortunately, we offer highly effective St. Petersburg mosquito control services, and we invite you to schedule a free inspection today. Or you can call 813-681-6381. We’re here and ready to help!

Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes

First, the climate that makes Florida so attractive to residents and visitors alike also provides the ideal environment for more than 80 different types of mosquitoes. And, unfortunately, over the past few years, there’s been an increase in the levels of threats posed to St. Pete residents because of diseases carried by these bests. These include dengue fever, chikungunya, viral diseases, and more.

To help protect yourself and your family, get rid of standing water on your property. Even a small amount of water can serve as a breeding ground for literally thousands of mosquitoes—and removing it can make your home and yard an inhospitable environment to these disease-carrying pests.

Breeding grounds can include areas in your yard, as well as standing water in your gutters, kiddie swimming pools, boats, and more. Other places to check include inside rain barrels, old tires, flowerpots and their saucers, wheelbarrows and garden carts, watering cans and buckets, wood piles, leaf piles, and more.

Change the water in bird baths at least twice a week and encourage your family and neighbors to be just as vigilant. And, feel free to share our mosquito control infographic with them. And, for the maximum in protection, add mosquito control treatments from Turner Pest Control.

Affordable Mosquito Control Services

These treatments are customized to your specific needs so that you never pay more than you should. You receive just the right level of service for your home and budget alike. How? When our experienced technicians estimate your residential mosquito control service, we look at your yard’s size. If it’s smaller, then you pay a lower monthly price.

Plus, we also monitor the weather conditions. Yes, mosquitoes can thrive in St. Pete’s for most of the year—and yet, there are times when temperatures dip enough for us to put your treatment plan on pause. In other words, we won’t provide treatments when they aren’t needed, which is another way we keep your mosquito pest control services affordable.

Our Proactive Plan

We use fast-acting barrier sprays during our monthly visits, ones that last a long time. That allows you to proactively control mosquito swarms by your home to protect family and friends. We also offer one-time services that are ideal if you’ll be holding a special event in your yard, from a wedding and reception to a graduation party. With this service, your guests can enjoy the celebration without being bothered by pests on the big day.

Why Turner Pest Control is the Smart Choice

We’ve been providing pest control services to Florida residents for more than 40 years, satisfaction guaranteed. If, after we provide an initial inspection and treatment, you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel your service and receive a refund with no cancellation fee. We will also return to your St. Petersburg home for retreatments, as needed.

We use the latest in pest control treatments and techniques, with qualified technicians professionally assessing problems and recommending customized solutions. We provide clear estimates, explain our services, and are always happy to answer your questions.

Plus, we go beyond just keeping mosquitoes under control. We also offer residential pest control services for your St. Pete’s home. This can include ants, roaches, and more. We provide rodent control services, bed bug treatments, and termite control services. We also offer an exclusive all-in-one pest control plan: TurnerGuard. This plan offers more coverage than any other one in the industry.

Turner Pest Control is one of the fastest growing companies in Florida and South Georgia today and we’re crystal clear about our focus: keeping our customers happy. If you’re ready to schedule a free pest inspection for your St. Petersburg home, please call us at 813-681-6381 or contact us online.