Termite Control in St. Petersburg

Termites truly do wreak havoc on people’s homes. Overall, in the United States, termites cause damage to the tune of about $2 billion—and that’s each and every year. That’s more than the destruction caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms combined. And, unfortunately, Florida’s climate is especially hospitable for them.

In St. Petersburg, it isn’t unusual for homeowners dealing with termites to have repair bills that climb into the thousands. So, if you suspect you have a termite infestation, don’t wait for the damage to become even more significant. Contact us by filling out the form, found to your right, or call (813) 681-6381 for rapid response.

Termite Troubles: Nibble by Nibble, Bite by Bite

These stealthy invaders love to feast on your home’s structure in secret. And, while one or two bites won’t do serious damage, once termites find a great source of wood, they’ll keep on eating. They’re nearly invisible as they go about their destructive work—and can ultimately destroy a home.

In your St. Petersburg home, watch for signs of termites. If there is already a significant infestation, you may see swarms of them. But, it’s possible to have large numbers of termites without ever seeing a swarm. So, also look for wings they’ve shed and left behind, or mud tubes near your home. If you close up the mud tubes and they come back, that’s a pretty sure sign of a termite infestation. Or, you may only notice the damage they’ve done, and are continuing to do, on your home.

Termite Types in St. Petersburg

Two of the most common termite types in Florida are the Formosan termites and the Eastern subterranean ones. The first kind are, by far, the most aggressive termite species in our country—and, unfortunately, they love living in Florida. Just one colony could have more than one million members. Seriously.

The second type, the Eastern subterranean termites, are less aggressive than their Formosan relatives, which is a good thing. But, because they’re so prevalent, they cause even more damage, overall.

Numerous termite species love the wet wood found in humid Florida. So, if you see a few termites in your St. Petersburg home, you’ve probably got a whole lot more. Termites live in colonies with queens, with termite queens continuing to lay eggs throughout their lifetimes—which can be up to 50 years.

Termite Pest Control Plan

If you’re in need of Florida termite control services, here’s an overview of what we do; we:

  • conduct a comprehensive termite inspection
  • write a complete report with our findings
  • recommend a treatment plan that’s customized for your needs, one that’s:
    • safe for you and your family
    • safe for your pets
    • right for your budget
  • offer different levels of treatments, including:
    • Premise: this is the most economical option
    • Termidor: this plan provides longer and more extended termite treatments for your protection
    • Altriset: this option is the greenest choice
  • offer a proactive prevention plan

Proactive Plan for Your St. Petersburg Home

We believe in preventing infestations from ever settling in your home. This involves treating the soil around your home, along with areas in your house that are especially termite friendly, including bath traps and pipe penetrations.

The reality is that spot treatments are not enough for effective termite control. That’s why we offer a comprehensive termite extermination plan to provide you with complete protection.

More About Our Termite Extermination Services

Termites are crafty creatures, able to slip into your home in cracks as tiny as 1/32 of an inch. So, we treat foundation cracks, including incredibly small ones that termites can nevertheless fit through.

Plumbing entry points are also vulnerable spots. That’s because builders may use wood forms when pouring concrete, and this creates an ideal feeling spot for termites if the wood is left behind. Termites often lurk in room additions and above-slab patios because, there, soil levels may be higher. This means that, unintentionally, a direct on-ramp has been created that termites can use.

In that case, we treat the soil, rather than using bait systems. That’s because we want to eradicate termite colonies before they enter your home. Another benefit of soil treatments: they work about ten times more quickly than baiting, speeding up the process of getting rid of these nasty pests.

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