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Nobody wants mice or rats in their house—and if you see just one of them, there’s a good chance that plenty more are living with you. Rodents live throughout the United States, including in Florida, and one female rat can give birth every three weeks. Figure that she can have a dozen babies at once, and it’s easy to see how a small population can quickly turn into an infestation. 

As soon as you suspect the presence of rodents, reach out for professional help. That way, our Stuart pest control technician team can solve the problem for you through our fast, affordable, effective rodent removal in Stuart, FL.

To get started, please call us at (772) 223-9891 or request a quote online. We’ll be happy to provide a free inspection and no-obligation estimate for a customized strategy for rat control in Stuart. 

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What to Expect with Turner’s Rat Removal in Stuart

Our experienced, friendly technicians will provide you with:

  • Free thorough inspection: We’ll find where rodents can enter your home as well as where they travel through the house and breed. 
  • Personalized plan: Using results from our inspection, we’ll create a plan that’s tailored for your specific needs and the infestation severity.
  • Treatment options: Each situation is unique, so we offer choices: a bait form of rodenticide or snap traps; the latter is safer for children and pets. 
  • Progress monitoring: We strategically place bait or traps in your house and we’ll regularly empty and relocate them until the issue is solved.

Rodents: Dangers, Signs of Infestation, and More

Rats and mice can go beyond being just a nuisance, posing real threats to your family and home, making professional rat removal in Stuart a must-do.


Rodents can carry diseases that can be contracted by having contact with their feces, saliva, urine, or bodies, or by being bitten. They also indirectly spread disease through insects that have fed on them.


Mice and rats will eat any type of food they find. While they don’t consume wiring or wood, they chew them to sharpen their teeth or create nests. Chewed wiring in your home or vehicle can lead to a fire.


Even if you don’t see a rodent, you may see their signs: droppings along baseboards, in boxes, or where food is stored or prepared. You may see damage they’ve done to food packaging or hear them moving around.


Keep rodents away by taking away their access to your food—store food in sealed containers that rodents can’t chew through. You should also find and eliminate their entry points, even those as small as a quarter of an inch.


Contact Turner Pest Control for premier rodent control and prevention.

Rodent Prevention Tips

To keep rats and mice out of your home, here are strategies.

Seal up entry points by repairing or replacing window and door screens, and using weatherstripping to keep rodents out. Locate where pipes and cables come into the house as well as other potential entry points; fill in gaps and patch holes. Repair plumbing leaks.

In the kitchen and other eating places, keep floors and counters free from food by wiping up spills and sweeping up crumbs. Store food in airtight containers. Also consider your pets’ food and water bowls, putting them away (inside and outside) at night. 

Keep gutters on your home clean and in good repair, able to effectively funnel water away from your foundation. (If you don’t have gutters, consider installing them.)

If you use mulch, keep it several inches away from your home because rodents are attracted to this as nesting material. Outdoors, keep garbage cans tightly sealed. Inside, make it challenging for them to get inside your waste cans. 

By following these strategies and being proactive, you’ll hopefully keep rodents out of your home. Nothing is foolproof, of course, so you may still notice infestation signs. If so, contact us for rat control in Stuart as soon as possible. Rodents multiply quickly, so you’ll want us to interrupt the population growth, ASAP. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that need food, water, and shelter to survive. One place to get all three: in and around a home. Rats are attracted to fruits and grains but will eat what’s available when they’re hungry, including cat and dog food as well as food scraps in trash cans and compost piles. They’ll eat what’s growing in your garden and seed provided for birds. They’ll drink water from fountains and birdbaths outdoors or from leaky pipes and faucets indoors and out. 

Use our rodent prevention tips to help keep rats and mice out. If they aren’t enough, contact our experienced team for fast, effective, and affordable rodent removal in Stuart, FL.

Our rodent exterminators can identify the species during a free inspection. Common types of rats found in Stuart include the Norway rat and the roof rat. They both can carry dangerous diseases, rodents that you want removed, ASAP. 

The roof rat can be tan, gray, or black. They climb well and build nests in attics, chewing on rafters and electrical wires. They multiply quickly and can spread rat-bite fever, murine typhus, leptospirosis, the plague, and more. 

The Norway rat is heftier with gray or brown fur—shaggy instead of smooth like the roof rat. They’ll gnaw through structural and foundational material in your home along with wiring, pipes, and more. They contaminate food supplies and carry the plague, salmonella, cowpox virus, jaundice, and more. 

The house mouse is a common species, short haired in hues of gray, black, and light brown, found across the country. They like to nest in cozy, dark places and can slip into a home in crevices as small as a dime. They can spread salmonella and lymphocytic choriomeningitis and contaminate your food supply. 

The deer mouse (with colors similar to deer) likes to build nests in basements, attics, and garages, and can carry and transmit hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. This respiratory disease can be fatal, so you’ll want this rodent removed from your property. 

It’s a two-part process. First, get rid of any current populations. At the same time, use prevention tips described above to keep them out. When you contact Turner Pest Control for rat removal in Stuart, we’ll take care of any rat and mouse infestations, and our experienced technicians can also answer your questions about how to stay rodent-free in the future. 

It depends upon the size of your infestation, the specific type of the problem, and the extermination methods used. Contact us for a free personalized estimate for rodent control or pest control in Stuart. 

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