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Termites cause billions of dollars of damage annually with one single homeowner often having to pay thousands of dollars to address the destruction. Plus, homeowner’s insurance policies often don’t cover the costs, which means it comes out of the owner’s pocket. By the time you suspect termite damage in your Stuart home, it may already be extensive. To project your investment in your home, contact us for expert termite treatments. 

Types of Termites in Stuart

Numerous termite species exist with three types most common in the United States:

  • Formosan termites
  • Drywood termites
  • Dampwood termites

In Stuart, the Formosan causes the most destruction. Colonies of this aggressive subterranean termite can grow to enormous sizes, perhaps with several million pests. This allows them to do serious damage to homes.

When you choose Turner Pest Control for your termite control services, here’s what you can count on:

  • Free Estimates: We offer free, no-obligation quotes for our complete termite treatment and pest control plans. For the ultimate in convenience, just request your estimate online
  • Thorough Termite Inspection: We’ll inspect the inside and outside of your home for signs of termite activity and damage. Our trained technicians know right where they like to hide.
  • Personalized Plan: After the inspection is completed, we’ll create a customized termite treatment plan to address your specific situation.
  • Professional Termite Treatment: You’ll receive the safest, most effective, and long-lasting treatments available today. We use the latest in technology and thoroughly train our technicians.
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Termite Destruction in Stuart

The temperate climate in Stuart, Florida can be ideal for people—as well as the perfect environment for termites. They appreciate warm, humid weather conditions as they feast on wood. Much of their destruction takes place in secret without people noticing what they’re up to.

Two common types of termites that cause problems for Stuart homeowners are:

  • Formosan termites: Prevalent throughout Florida, they’re among the most aggressive termites. Plus, because their colonies can number in the millions, they can forage at will.
  • Eastern subterranean termites: Although they’re less assertive than their Formosan counterparts, they are so widespread in our state that, overall, they cause more damage.

Termites look forward to chewing on wet, damp wood, something found in abundance in Florida’s humid climate. Because these destructive bugs live in colonies, if there’s one termite gnawing on the structure of your Stuart home, plenty more are nearby. Queen termites continually produce eggs and, because queens can live for more than five decades, colonies can quickly expand. 

You may well see signs of a termite infection instead of the pests themselves. Signs include mud tubes located by your house; wings they’ve shed; and the wood damage they create. Or, you may see them in swarms. 

How to Protect Your Home From Termite Destruction

Termites can truly wreak havoc, causing thousands of dollars of damage in a house. Our complete termite control program, fortunately, can take care of the problem for you. We’ll exterminate the current infestation and prevent future ones from taking hold. 


We treat under patios, inside pipes, inside blocks, and anywhere else termites hide


We offer economic Premise treatment, high-tech Termidor, and environmentally friendly Altriset


Protect your home with one of our termite warranties to bridge the homeowner’s insurance gap


Our green treatments are so safe that no warning labels or first-aid instructions are needed


termidor hp optional services
This premium, high-tech termite treatment protects your home with minimal disruption to your property. The revolutionary Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is the ultimate termite treatment.
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Our expert technicians make sure your home is protected in every place where termites can enter or cause damage. We do more than meet treatment standards by treating with the maximum application allowed.
termite optional services
Our termite bait systems watch over your home 24/7 and lets us easily check for activity. If we find termites during our quarterly monitoring inspections, we work with you to determine the treatment strategy that’s best for you.
Termidor HP for the Ultimate Termite Treatment


Preserve the Investment in Your Home: Termite Control From Turner


Termites need food and water to survive, getting their nutrition through cellulose. An average home contains more than enough cellulose to nourish large colonies through wood pulp, cardboard, paper, foam, and drywall. This is what makes a house so attractive to termite colonies.

When a colony of termites finds the right place, they will settle in and eat around the clock. That’s why a significant sized infestation causes extensive damage—and quickly. DIY options aren’t enough. They may rid your home of a small amount of these pests, but it takes professionals to tackle termite infestations.

Turner is the licensed, experienced choice for Stuart, FL pest control with the most current technologies to rid your home of termites for good. We use the latest equipment and specialized products to safely and effectively tackle the job.

Signs of Termite Activity

The Formosan variety causes the most problems for Stuart homes. As a subterranean species, you probably won’t see the termites. Instead, here are commonly found signs:

  • Wooden surfaces look peeled or blistered. 
  • Swarming termites fly around outside lighting.
  • Tapping on wood creates a hollow sound.
  • Discarded wings are near doors, windowsills, and lights.
  • Chewed wood and soil are used to create nests.

Proactive Steps to Keep Termites Away

  • Get rid of old firewood. Keep any usable logs and lumber away from the home’s foundation.
  • Move wood mulch at least 15 inches from the foundation or use non-cellulose options, such as pine needles or gravel.
  • Fix any leaks and get rid of standing water. Make sure that gutters and downspouts direct water away from the foundation.
  • Inspect your crawl space, if you have one. Is it an environment where termites might thrive?

Termite Inspection and Treatment in Stuart

Our comprehensive extermination program starts with a thorough termite inspection. You’ll receive a detailed report and a customized plan for your Stuart, FL pest control. You can choose from three treatment levels:

  • Premise—Effective and affordable
  • Termidor—Long-lasting, broad protection
  • Altriset—Environmentally friendly

For the ultimate in termite control, select our premium solution: Termidor HP. This high-tech treatment provides exceptional results, perfectly positioning you for termite prevention going forward. Plus, this extermination technique comes with little disruption with landscaping, pool decks, and patios.

Whichever program you choose for your termite pest control in Stuart, you’ll receive a comprehensive perimeter application. Our trained technicians will use this product in potential entry points into your home: behind bricks, inside blocks, at pipe penetrations, between adjoining slabs, under patios, and in foundation cracks. In other words, we provide protection in the tiniest places—the smallest potential pathways into your home. 

Turner Pest Control for Comprehensive Termite Treatments

To get started with your termite control and any other pest control in Stuart, please request a free quote online or call us at (772) 223-9891. We provide highly effective, affordable services.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

With so many different types of pests in the Stuart area, it’s not easy for most homeowners to easily identify all of the flying and crawling insects without the help of a pest control pro. Even if you don’t know what termites look like, however, there are ways you can spot termites in your home. Contact us for termite control service if you see any of the following:

  • Mud tubes where your house touches the ground or in other structures or trees on your property. These are signs of subterranean termites, including the highly destructive Formosan termites.
  • Long grooves of damage to wood, left by termites that eat through the wood searching for food. Wood may also be hollowed out.
  • Blistered areas on wood floors, which may be caused by subterranean termites eating the subfloor.
  • Termite wings near entry points into your home. When termites swarm, they discard their wings when they land.
  • Termite droppings, which may look like tiny pellets. These may be left behind by drywood termites.

There are three major types of termites: dampwood, drywood, and subterranean. These names are very descriptive: dampwood termites like damp or wet wood; drywood termites eat very dry wood; and subterranean termites live on and/or below the soil. If you believe your Stuart home has termites, our trained technicians can identify the type you have and recommend the best treatment.

Termites eat cellulose, which is the main “ingredient” in the walls of plant cells and vegetable fibers. Cellulose can be found in both natural and manmade materials, including sheetrock paper, fabrics, insulation, newspaper, cardboard, wood, plastics, wallpaper, boxes, carpet backing, foam, plants, and more.

Although the exterior of your home may not be clad with wood, wood is likely to have been used somewhere in your home’s construction. Stucco homes are built over a wooden frame and concrete block and bricks homes can have wooden sheetrock furring strips, subfloors, roof trusses, load-bearing walls and more.

The most important thing to remember about termite prevention is that they will be attracted to moisture in and around your home. Think about how you can lower the humidity in your attic and/or crawl space; direct the flow of water away from the foundation of your house; and repair any leaky faucets and pipes to reduce moisture outside of your home. Also look for old wood form boards near your home, and get rid of tree stumps entirely. The best form of prevention is vigilance: Inspect your home several times a year for signs of termite activity.

Do-it-yourself termite extermination products are available on the market, but considering that there may be thousands of dollars in damage at stake, it’s never a good idea to tackle termites on your own. A professional pest control technician has access to the most effective products and has the knowledge to apply them properly and safely. Our Stuart pest control experts know where to look for hidden termites, identify the specific type you have, and use a combination of methods to eradicate them. If you’re considering a DIY termite solution, contact us first—we offer a no-obligation inspection at absolutely no cost to you. Call us or complete the form at right to schedule your appointment.

We have comprehensive termite control services that go beyond minimum treatment specifications. Our customers may choose from three types of treatment, including our economical Premise option; Altriset, our environmentally friendly treatment; and the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System, our premium, high-tech solution. For the greatest peace of mind, we also offer our SMART TurnerGuard all-in-one termite and pest control plan, which includes a lifetime warranty.

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