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Problems with drywood termites, beetles or bed bugs? Choose our fumigation service.


Whole structure fumigation service the pros trust.

For more than 50 years, we’ve served the pest control needs of property managers, rental property owners, real estate agents, and other professionals who trust us to solve their pest issues. We provide the same high level of service to homeowners and business owners, and offer free inspections and estimates.

Here’s what you can expect from our powerful fumigation service:

A FREE, NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE: Let Turner Pest Control Tampa solve your most severe infestation problems with fumigation service by our experienced pest control professionals. Inspections and estimates are free, and there’s never any obligation.

A TEAM OF FUMIGATION EXPERTS: When you choose Turner Pest Control for tent fumigation, our experts will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process every step of the way.

PREPARATION STEPS: One of the most important parts of the process is thorough preparation. The steps we need you to take are an important part of ensuring that the service is completely effective. We will make sure that you are provided with all of the information you need before the process begins.


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For more than 50 years, we’ve served the pest control needs of homeowners and business owners who trust us to solve their worst pest issues.

If you have problems with drywood termites, beetles, or bed bugs, Turner Pest Control’s whole structure fumigation service is the most effective method to eliminate pests at every stage of their life cycles and in every corner of your home or business.


Here’s an overview of some of the steps you must take to prepare for fumigation:

Preparation for Fumigation

When you choose Turner Pest Control for fumigation, our experts will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process every step of the way.

Fumigation Prep Checklist

You can use our checklist as a handy guide to make sure your property is ready for our experts to safely and efficiently fumigate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fumigating is a pest control method that’s used to get rid of pests, particularly the drywood type of termite, in a structure such as a house. It may also get rid of other types of pests, such as bed bugs and beetles. Trained pest control technicians use gaseous chemicals known as fumigants to kill or suffocate pests. Fumigation may be recommended by Tampa pest control professionals when other, less invasive processes aren’t effective. 

In order to ensure that fumigation is effective and that sufficient time has been allowed for complete aeration (which makes it safe for you to re-enter your home), you may need to stay out of the structure for about 72 hours. Our fumigation experts will make sure that the structure is completely free of fumigant before giving you the green light to return.

Items that may be damaged or made unusable by the fumigation process will need to be removed before that process begins. Our team will review the complete list with you, which will include these items and more:

  • Medicines, including those you may be storing in the freezer or refrigerator
  • All foods and beverages meant for consumption by humans or pets
  • All live house plants and living animals, including fish
  • Mattresses in baby cribs, bassinets and other similar items
  • High-density and other types of foam mattresses

Many other types of items may remain in your home during fumigation, such as some consumable items that are in the original manufacturer’s containers with airtight seals intact, including bottles and cans.

A thorough cleaning should be done to ensure that no items that should have been removed from the house were overlooked and to get rid of dead pests. Cleaning tasks should include wiping down all surfaces, vacuuming floors, furniture, rugs, and inside of drawers and cabinets. This is just a partial list of what should be cleaned after fumigation—please ask your Turner Pest Control fumigation technician for more details.

There are several parts to the overall fumigation process, which your Turner Pest Control technician will be glad to review with you. Generally, fumigation includes:

  • Your preparation steps, such as removing food, pets, medicine and more; opening drawers and cabinet doors; making sure the area around your home where the tent will fall is clear; and more.
  • Covering the entire structure with tarps, and securing them around your foundation.
  • Securing your home with secondary locks and putting up warning signs
  • Applying fumigants
  • Aerating the structure after fumigation
  • Removing the tarps
  • Sampling the air inside the structure to ensure it’s safe for you to return
  • Removing warning signs and secondary locks

Fumigation is used because it’s so effective at killing drywood termite colonies, but it does not provide residual effectiveness that would keep these pests from returning. Our termite and fumigation experts can recommend steps you can take to reduce the chances that drywood termites will re-infest your home.

Yes! Our experienced and highly trained termite pros provide superior termite extermination services that exceed the minimum treatment specifications that many other pest control companies adhere to. We offer three levels of termite treatment and make sure to treat every spot where termites may get inside your home or cause damage. For the best value, we combine our expert termite and pest control services into one premier plan: the SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control Plan. It gives you more coverage than any other plan on the market, there are no hidden costs, and you’ll never have to pay for another termite retreatment again.

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