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This Agreement includes all the terms and conditions on the first page above and as set forth below.

1. Contract Period. This Agreement is for 1-year which begins on the earlier of the date of the Customer’s signature above or the Initial Treatment Date (the
“Effective Dates”). This Agreement renews annually for consecutive 1-year terms upon written approval by one of Turner’s Florida Department of Agriculture
and Consumer Services licensed field inspector (the “Annual Renewal”). The “Contract Period” shall begin on the Effective Date and continues through
each consecutive Annual Renewal thereafter. Following the expiration date identified on the front page, Turner reserves the right to require the covered
premises to be completely retreated, at a rate to be determined by Turner. In any period when the Renewal Payment is not received timely or Turner does not  approve the renewal, then this Agreement terminates immediately (except for Customer’s payment obligations and Customer’s Obligations in Section
8.a. below regarding payment) and the Contract Period immediately ends.

2. Covered Structure (and Limitation On Covered Structure). The sole structure covered by this Agreement is generally identify on the first page and more specifically identified in the graph/drawing attached as Scheduled A (the “Covered Structure”).
a. In no circumstances will the Covered Structure include wood decks, steps, fences, walk-ways, any other wooden structures outside the foundation
perimeter of the Covered Structure, plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, or other landscaping, regardless of physical attachment to or proximity to the Covered
b. Customer shall timely notify Turner of any additions or alterations to the Covered Structure without regard to whether the Customer intends to add such
additions or alterations to the Covered Structure to this Agreement. Customer’s addition or alteration of the Covered Structure may result in
the Customer being obligated to pay for additional TurnerGuard Services (defined in Section 4 below) regarding the Covered Structure, any additions
or alternations to the Covered Structure, or both. Further, such additions or alterations to the Covered Structure may require, at Turner’s discretion,
pretreatment of such additions or alternations which may result in addition fees or charges. Customer’s failure to obtained or permit pretreatment of
such additions or alternations shall, at Turner’s discretion, limit Turner’s commitments and obligations in this Agreement.

3. Covered Pests. The TurnerGuard Services (defined in Section 4 below) for the Covered Structure are provided only for roaches, spiders, subterranean
termites, Formosan termite, carpenter ants, other ants (except as excluded in Section 9 below), stored product pests, commensal rodents, occasional
invaders, wasps, fabric insects, psocids, fleas, ticks, flies, and as further detailed at
(collectively, the “Covered Pests”). See also Section 7 Exclusions and Section 8 Limitations below. Turner reserves the right, solely in its discretion, to
include additional pests as Covered Pests upon Notice. Bedbugs are not Covered Pests during the first year of the TurnerGuard Services. Bedbugs become
Covered Pests effective upon the Annual Renewal.

4. TurnerGuard Services. Turner commits to providing services for the Covered Structure regarding the Covered Pests, as follows:
a. Visual inspection of the Covered Structure for the Covered Pests;
b. Initial soil treatment around the immediate perimeter of the Covered Structure (unless Upgrade selected);
c. Interior and exterior initial treatment of the Covered Structure;
d. Soil retreatment, as determined by Turner, of the Covered Structure;
e. Annual full inspection of the Covered Structure;
f. Treatment of Bath traps and inspection covers installed, if applicable;
g. Tri-annual external inspection of monitoring system;
h. Application of snake repellant, at Customer’s request;
i. 24/7 SMART rodent control monitoring (“Smart Services”); and
j. Upon Notice additional TurnerGuard Services may be include, solely at Turner’s discretion. (collectively, the “TurnerGuard Services”).

5. TurnerGuard Services Retreatment Period. During the Contract Period Turner commits to providing the TurnerGuard Services described above for the Covered Structure. Turner may provide additional TurnerGuard Services as Turner, in its sole discretion, deems necessary at no additional charge to the Customer during the Contract Period.
a. In no circumstance will Turner pay for, or be obligated to pay for, any damages or repairs caused or necessitated, in whole or in part, by Termite Activity
at any time other than the Contract Period.
b. The phrase “Termite Activity” shall mean the presence of live subterranean or Formosan termites with proper identification and verification by Turner.
c. Notwithstanding any other duty, obligation, or commitment in this Agreement, Turner’s obligations, duties, or commitments under the Agreement shall
not include payment for repair or replacement of any specially created, made, produced, or manufactured wall coverings, floor coverings, moldings,
paneling, tile or other cosmetic work at or in the Covered Structure.

6. Customer’s Obligations to Turner. The Customer’s failure to fulfill any of Customer’s obligations under this Agreement shall, at Turners’ sole discretion (as may be permitted under applicable law), result in immediate termination of this Agreement and the Contract Period, which termination will result in waiver of any claim by Customer for refund of any amounts paid to Turner. In addition to the Customer’s obligations set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, Customer’s obligations are as follow:
- Turner provided Termite Service for the Covered Structure during pre-construction, and there has been continuous Annual Renewal at all
subsequent time.
- Turner did NOT provide Termite Service for the Covered Structure during the pre-construction phase, or there has NOT been consecutive Annual

a. Customer shall pay all fees and charges due under this Agreement on or before the due date. Additionally, if Customer fails make timely payment or
otherwise cancels the TurnerGuard Services before the initial 1-year term ends then Customer shall be obligated and must pay Turner fees as follows:
There will be a charge of $300.00 for the Termite treatment and the remainder balance of the last service performed at property and this would be due
at time of cancellation of services. If the customer downgrades the service within the first year, they will owe the $300.00 termite treatment and the
remainder balance of the last service performed at property and this would be due at time of the downgrade and a new agreement will need to be signed.
b. Specific Terms and Conditions: This agreement is for the minimum of one (1) year. Customer acknowledges that service and payments will continue after the first year unless terminated by the Customer providing 30 days of written notice of cancellation. The Customer authorizes Turner Pest Control, LLC to debit either the Customer's credit card or bank account for a minimum of one (1) year. After the first year, the authorization of debits will continue and remain in full force and effect until Turner Pest Control, LLC has received 30 days written notice of cancellation from the customer to afford Turner Pest Control, LLC a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Turner Pest Control, LLC reserves the right to make any corrections to the account if an error occurs.
c. Customer shall cooperate fully with Turner during the Contract Period as is reasonable and customary to permit Turner to fulfill its commitments under
this Agreement. This cooperation includes, but is not limited to, permitting Turner personnel and assigned professionals to fully inspect and evaluate
the Covered Structure as Turner deems reasonably necessary for the TurnerGuard Services as well as inspection and evaluation with respect to any
potential, actual, or observed Termite Activity, suspected or actual damages from such Termite Activity before the area of such Termite Activity is, in
any manner, altered, destroyed, or repaired.
d. Customer shall notify Turner within 48 hours of any suspected, potential, actual, or observed activity by any subterranean or Formosan termite.
e. Customer shall maintain the Covered Structure free from any factors or conditions conducive, including Conducive Conditions (as defined in
Section8(a) below), to infestation or re-infestation by termites.
f. The Customer waives and holds Turner harmless (to the extent permissible under applicable law) from any existing or future claims arising from or
relating to the TurnerGuard Services or Covered Repairs, except for a claim to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
g. The Customer waives and holds Turner harmless (to the extent permissible under applicable law) from all other direct, as well as all indirect,
consequential, or punitive damages or expenses arising from or related to Turner’s performance of this Agreement.

7. Services, Pests, Property Excluded From TurnerGuard Services & Turner’s Commitments Or Obligations.
a. This Agreement excludes all wildlife, pests, insects, rodents, wood destroying organisms, and arthropod that are not specifically identified as Covered
Pests in Section 3, as well as any damage to the Covered Structure or Customer’s other property which excluded pests, in whole or in part, may
have caused or have caused. These excluded pests would include, by way of non-comprehensive example, Caribbean crazy ants, Tawny crazy ants,
raspberry ants, dry wood termites/powerpost termites (Calcaritemtes nearcticus, Crypototermes brevis, Crypototermes cavifrones, Incisitermes milleri,
Incisitermes minor, Incisitermes schwartzi, Incisitermes snyderi, Kalotermes approximates) and related species, damp wood termites (Prorhinotermes
simplex, Neotermes castaneus, Neotermes luykxi, Neotermes jouteli), arboreal/subterranean termites (Termitidae, Nasutitermes corniger), and related
species, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, bats, lizards, snakes, other animals, wood destroying organisms not specifically identified as Covered Pests
including any boring beetles (Coleoptera, Bostrichidae, Lyctinae, Lyctus brunneus, Lyctus linearis, Lyctus planicollis, Bostrichidae, Bostrichinae,
Heterobostrychus aequalis, Dinoderus minutes, Sobicia declivis, Anobiidae, Euvrilletta peltate, Xestobium rufovillosum, Hemicoelus carinatus, Anobium
punctatum, Cerambycidae, Hylotrupes bajulus, Smodicum cucuhiforme, Arhopalu productus), fungi/brown rots (Serpula lacrymans, Fibroporia vaillantii,
Coniophora puteana, Chaetomium spp., Ceratocystis spp., Kretzschmaria deusta, Chaetomium spp., Ceratocystis spp., Kretzschmaria deusta,
Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Meruliporia incrassate - previously Poria incrassate), as well as, non-wood destroying organisms (Curculionidae,
Scolytidinae, Curculionidae, Platypodinae, Buprestidae, Camponotus spp., Crematogaster spp., Xylocopa spp., Halicitidae, Megachilidae, Psocoptera,
Mollusca, Bivalvia, Teredinidae, Teredo navalis, Ceratocystis spp., Ophiostoma spp., Stachybotrys chartarum, Cladosporium spp.), Surface Molds, Nail
holes, Saw cuts, Water and urine stains, honey bees, yellow jackets, snakes, or other wildlife, and additional excluded pests as identified on https://, identified upon Notice.
b. This Agreement excludes any infestations by Covered Pests or excluded pests resulting from Conducive Conditions (as defined in Section 8(a)(i) below).

8. Limitations On TurnerGuard Services & Turner’s Commitments Or Obligations.
a. Turner shall have no obligation, duty, or commitment to repair, or pay for repair to, the Covered Structure or any other property except as explicitly set forth in this Agreement and as limited by this Agreement.

9. Miscellaneous Terms.
a. This Agreement and its attachments/schedules contain the entire agreement between Turner and Customer, and no other statements or representations
are binding upon the parties. Further, in entering this Agreement, Customer has not, and is not, relying on any representation or statement that may have
been made by Turner or any person representing Turner except as set forth in this Agreement. This Agreement’s terms and conditions may not
be modified, altered, or changed by any Turner representative without written approval from Turner’s Corporate Office of such modification, alteration, or
b. Turner reserves the right to increase service fees regardless of payment terms or discounts applied.
c. Customer agrees to Turner sending Customer any and all communications, including billing, by automated call, email, or text message at the email
address or phone number Customer provided to Turner, as recorded on the first page of this Agreement. Further, as used in this Agreement, the term
Notice shall mean Turner sending Customer communication by automated call, email, or text message. If such Notice includes any alterations or changes
in Turner’s duties, obligations, or commitments set forth in this Agreement, then such alterations or changes shall be effective upon 30 days of Turner
sending the Notice.
d. There are no third-party or non-party beneficiaries to this Agreement and Customer agreements to indemnify and hold Turner harmless from any claims by any third-party or non-party arising from the performance of this Agreement.
e. If the Covered Structure is sold or ownership is otherwise altered or changed, in any manner, during the Contract Period, then this Agreement is
transferrable to the Covered Structure’s new or additional owner(s) only upon (i) written approval by one of Turner’s Department of Agriculture And
Consumer Service licensed field inspector, and (ii) Turner’s receipt of payment of a $150 transfer fee. Upon such approved transfer and receipt of
the transfer fee, the new or additional owner(s) of the Covered Structure shall be included as Customer.
f. In the event of a change in the existing law as it relates to this Agreement, Turner reserves the right either to terminate this Agreement upon 10 days
written Notice to the Customer (or as otherwise required by law), or to adjust the Renewal Payment to amend the terms of this Agreement at the
beginning of each Renewal Period, or both.
g. The law of the State where the Covered Property is located shall control this Agreement and any issues arising from the relationship established
or existing under this Agreement, without regard to any choice of laws determinations. The venue for any dispute regarding this Agreement or the
relationship arising from this agreement shall be solely Duval County, Florida. The parties to this Agreement waive any rights they may have to a
jury trial for enforcement of this Agreement or regarding any dispute arising from the relationship commenced or arising from this Agreement of the
negotiations thereof. If any provision of this Agreement or portion thereof is found unenforceable for any reason, then that unenforceable provision or
portion shall be severed from this Agreement with no effect on the enforceability of the remainder of the Agreement.
h. CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY OF SPECIAL HEALTH CONDITIONS: If the Customer believes that the Customer or other occupants or visitors to the Covered
Structure (a) are or may be sensitive to pesticides/termiticide or their odors; (b) be pregnant; (c) have other health conditions that may be affected by
pesticides/termiticide or their odors, the Customer must notify a Turner Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services licensed field
inspector in advance of treatment, including whether the Customer or other occupants or visitors have consulted a medical doctor or other health care
practitioner regarding such sensitivity or condition. Turner reserves the right, upon such notification, to deny or terminate the Agreement. Failure to
provide notification constitutes the Customer’s assumption of risk and waiver of any and all claims against Turner in connection with such sensitivity or
condition, as well as agreement to indemnify and hold Turner harmless from any claims by the Customer, other occupants of the Covered Structures, or
visitors to the Covered Structure.
i. Turner maintains the insurance coverage required by the law in the jurisdiction where the Covered Property is located, and information about such
required insurance coverage is available from Turner’s Corporate Office.
j. Turner shall not be held liable or in any way responsible or obligated to the Customer as a result of any failure to perform pursuant to this Agreement, if
such failure arises out of a cause beyond the control or without the fault or negligence of Turner. Such causes may include but are not limited to acts of
God, acts of a public enemy, acts of civil or military authority, events resulting in TurnerGuard Services or any portion of thereof becoming economic
losses, governmental actions, unavailability of energy resources, system or communication failure, delay in transportation, fires, strikes, civil protests,
riots or war, or contagions such as pandemics. In the event of any such cause then Turner may use commercial reasonable efforts to fulfill this
Agreement without waiver of the provisions of this clause.
k. Turner maintains the insurance coverage required by the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act and Florida State Statute 482 and information about this
insurance is available from Turner upon request.

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