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Mosquitoes are annoying, no doubt. When they swarm around you, they can drive you indoors. But they can also be dangerous, with their bites always having the potential of carrying a disease, such as the Zika virus and West Nile virus. The more than 80 varieties of this pest thrive in the warm climate of St. Marys, practically year-round. Our city is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, so we encourage you to take control by choosing affordable mosquito extermination services from Turner Pest Control.

New low pricing:  New customers get your first treatment starting at just $30.

Certain conditions, such as standing water, are ideal for the breeding of mosquitoes. The infographic at the right shares more detailed information about this pest. To fight back, keep your yard free of standing water and start your mosquito control treatment with us right away. To make it easy, we’re offering new low pricing for your initial treatment so you can control the pest population in your yard.

We offer customized mosquito treatment plans.

One size doesn’t fit all. People have different sizes of yards and different degrees of pest problems. So, we will create a customized plan for your service, which means you’ll never need to pay too much for your service. Plus, we can pause your service during the coldest months of the winter.

Protect your family and pets with our mosquito treatment plan.

You wisely decide to protect your family and pets from the pesky and potentially dangerous mosquito population. Fortunately, the steps are simple. First, contact us about our monthly mosquito control service and our professional technician will assess your specific situation. Next, we’ll make recommendations for your personalized treatment plan. Finally, we’ll carefully apply the best treatments available for your home and/or business. This includes highly effective, fast-acting, long-lasting barrier sprays.

If you're planning a special outdoor event, you don’t want mosquitoes to ruin your big day. We offer a one-time treatment, priced just right, to get these pests under control.

Current customers get a FREE mosquito treatment when choosing an annual plan.

St. Marys' warm weather is growth-friendly towards a wide variety of pests, so we also offer comprehensive pest control services that include termite control, bed bug treatments and more, for indoors and outdoors.

If you’re currently a Turner Pest Control customer, you’ll receive a FREE mosquito treatment when you sign up for an annual mosquito control plan.

Not yet a customer? Find out more about our comprehensive residential pest control services.

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Our friendly, professional technicians are ready to get started. Whether you currently have a mosquito problem or want to proactively sign up for the annual treatment plan, you can relax, knowing you don’t need to struggle with pest problems any more.

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Mosquito Control Pricing

Square Footage First Treatment Monthly Special Event
Up to 2000 square feet $39 $49.99 $125
2001 - 4000 square feet $49 $59.99 $150
4001 - 8000 square feet $59 $69.99 $175
8001 + square feet Call Manager Call Manager Call Manager