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Mosquito Problem? Why Aerial Spraying Isn’t Enough.

October 26, 2016   |   Lawn + Outdoor

Mosquito Spreading Zika Virus

Hurricane Matthew, the Zika virus, and our humid climate — all of these factors have set up a perfect storm for heightened concern about the current mosquito invasion. Municipal and city governments are doing their part with aerial mosquito spraying that broadcasts insecticides over areas with the highest mosquito populations. That’s good news, but aerial spraying and ground fogging only reduces the insects’ overall population, and only in the areas being sprayed.

To get dangerous mosquitoes under control where you live, here’s what you need to know and do.

Know when and where aerial mosquito spraying and ground fogging will be done.

  • In the Duval County area, the City of Jacksonville’s Mosquito Control Division (JMCD) is currently aerial spraying in Bayard, Bartram Park, Deercreek, Mandarin, Oceanway, Loretto, Crown Point, and other neighborhoods that are reporting particularly high numbers of mosquitoes.
  • In St. Johns County, Anastasia Mosquito Control is also conducting aerial spraying over Nocatee, St. Augustine, Armstrong, Flagler Estates, St. Johns, and other areas.
  • Aerial spray applications use Naled, which has raised some concerns. While it is approved by the Centers for Disease Control, it is banned in the European Union and has environmentalists concerned about its possible impact.

Don’t wait — take these steps now to protect yourself and your family.

Eliminate mosquito breeding spots.

Not only did Hurricane Matthew leave behind standing water; the debris it left created new breeding places for mosquitoes. Take immediate action to get rid of even the smallest quantities of standing water on your property.

Prevent Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Use insect repellent.

In addition to wearing light-colored clothing, long sleeves, and long pants when outdoors, use effective insect repellents on your skin and clothes. Closely follow directions on repellents’ labels and reapply as directed.

Effective Mosquito Repellents

Have your property treated as soon as possible.

Turner Pest Control provides treatments that specifically target your yard. We use a safe but powerful two-pronged approach: a microencapsulated chemical called Onslaught, which is low-odor and has a long, residual activity; and an insect growth regulator (IGR) that disrupts how insects grow and reproduce.

Our technicians are experts in applying these products and in locating areas where mosquitoes may be breeding around your home. The sooner you call, the sooner we can interrupt the mosquitoes’ growth and reproduction and reduce your chances of being bitten. Learn more about our expert mosquito control services and affordable pricing.

Important contact information.

City of Jacksonville Mosquito Control Division

Anastasia Mosquito Control District

Centers for Disease Control
Aerial spraying web page

Environmental Protection Agency
Naled web page

Turner Pest Control
904-355-5300 or 800-225-5305

Call us now for this effective, long-lasting mosquito control treatment.

The treatments we use are so safe and effective that our technicians use them on their own yards, where they’ve reported that mosquito populations are reduced by at least 90 percent and 100% in some cases. Call today or complete the form at right to get your free estimate on Turner’s complete mosquito pest control service.











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