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Here Come The Springtime Pests!

springtime pests

The weather is just about perfect for getting back to everything we love about the outdoors, except for one thing: those pesky insects! Florida pests are out and about, looking for food, water, shelter, and places to breed. At best, insects are annoying; at worst, they can be destructive to your property or even pose…

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Spooked by Fall Pests? We Treat, No Tricks!

Florida fall pests

If you find that Florida’s fall pests are making themselves at home while your attention is on little ghosts and goblins, you’re not alone. When temperatures begin to fall, some insects and other pests move indoors to find water and food, so you may notice your indoor pest population going up. Fall pest-proofing tips You…

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Why itsy bitsy creatures strike ginormous fear into us

How and why to get rid of spiders Spiders are unquestionably one of the most feared creatures on the planet. Arachnophobia affects approximately 55 percent of women and 18 percent of men in the Western World, which is a significant impact for such a small creature. It comes as no surprise that many people want…

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