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Zika Virus

Mosquitoes On The Rise As Warm Winter Ends

April’s warmer temperatures and rain always bring an increase in mosquitoes, but this year, the problem is predicted to be much worse. With this past winter being the sixth-warmest on record, our area offers mosquitoes a perfect breeding ground. What can you do to protect yourself, your family, and your pets? Monthly mosquito control is…

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Bookmark Our New Zika Tracking Map

To help our customers stay informed on the status of Zika virus cases in our state, we’ve developed an outbreak tracking map. Every week, we’ll update the data to make sure you have the latest information on this threat. The tracking map is part of the Turner team’s ongoing commitment to our customers’ safety and…

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Mosquito Problem? Why Aerial Spraying Isn’t Enough.

Hurricane Matthew, the Zika virus, and our humid climate — all of these factors have set up a perfect storm for heightened concern about the current mosquito invasion. Municipal and city governments are doing their part with aerial mosquito spraying that broadcasts insecticides over areas with the highest mosquito populations. That’s good news, but aerial…

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What to Know About The Zika Virus

mosquito-borne illness

Concern about the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus is increasing around the world. With warmer temperatures just a few weeks away here in Florida, it’s a good time to learn more about this threat and review the measures you can take to avoid mosquito bites. What is the Zika virus? The virus is a…

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