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Common Rodent Species and How to Control Them

A recent survey of 274,000 people showed that rodents are Americans’ biggest pest concern for health and home issues. As part of the National Pest Management Association’s Rodent Awareness Week, we’re sharing what you need to know about rodents, which species are most common, and which rodent control measures are most effective. The dangers of…

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Learn About The Benefits of Revolutionary Digital Rodent Control

If you took part in our June webinar, you already know how groundbreaking digital automation combined with professional rodent control expertise can put an end to your rodent problems. If not, take a few minutes to watch the free webinar recording below to learn how Anticimex SMART technology protects schools, universities, hotels, restaurants and other…

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Protect Your Home from a Holiday Rodent Infestation

professional rodent control

People aren’t the only ones who head indoors when temperatures fall during the holiday season. All types of pests—particularly rats and mice—want to keep warm, too, and your home is the best and most convenient place to do that. What can you do to protect your home and family from a winter rodent infestation? The…

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Are Rodents Chewing Your Wiring?

rodents chewing wiring

Rodents can carry diseases that pose a threat to people and pets, but did you know they can also damage your car? It’s true—rats and mice will gnaw on anything to sharpen their teeth, including the wiring in your car. Rodents chewing wiring can even be a problem in your home’s electrical system. If you…

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Need Rodent Control for Your Business? Get SMART.

rodent awareness week

Rats and mice can be a problem for any type of business, but for some, a rodent infestation can go straight to the bottom line. The costs of rodent control to fight what’s often a losing battle, along with the negative effects on your company’s or institution’s reputation results in measurable lost revenue. In addition,…

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Mouse in the House? Call the Orlando Rodent Control Experts!

Rodent Control

Rodents live everywhere that humans live, from cities to rural areas, but when rats or mice move into your home, it gets personal. Although they’ve adapted to almost every type of habitat, rodents often prefer warmer climates, so Orlando homeowners are likely to encounter these pests in and around their homes. If you’ve seen even…

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Rodent Awareness Week: Rodent Control Basics

rodent control

Cooler weather is always welcome this time of year, but as temperatures drop, rodents such as mice and rats head indoors to find warmth. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), nearly half of all rodent issues happen in the fall and winter months. To help educate the public about the health risks that…

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It’s Rodent Awareness Week

rodent awareness week

It’s Rodent Awareness Week, which coincides with the time of year we begin to spot these pests in or around our homes more frequently. According to a survey by the National Pest Management Association, rats and mice are the most common winter pests. With mice capable of producing a dozen offspring in less than a…

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Mice and Rats: Unwanted Winter Guests

rodent pest control

  Falling temperatures can drive all kinds of pests indoors, including rodents. Take time during Rodent Awareness Week (November 15 through 21) to learn more about these pests and take steps to prevent them from making your home their winter vacation spot. Threats to your health and property Far from being a simple nuisance, mice…

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Spooked by Fall Pests? We Treat, No Tricks!

Florida fall pests

If you find that Florida’s fall pests are making themselves at home while your attention is on little ghosts and goblins, you’re not alone. When temperatures begin to fall, some insects and other pests move indoors to find water and food, so you may notice your indoor pest population going up. Fall pest-proofing tips You…

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