SMART Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMART?

SMART is a rodent control technology that uses digital devices and wireless communications to monitor and trap pests and alert our pest control technicians to the presence of rodents so that we can remove them.

The key to understanding what’s different about SMART is understanding that it’s a system. Every part of SMART—your initial customized plan, the strategic placement of sensors and traps, monitoring and reporting, and our response—works together to create an unprecedented level of protection for your home.

When you choose to include the SMART rodent control system with your TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control service, you’ll have the ultimate combination of “smart home” digital automation and our traditional professional pest control expertise.


What are the advantages of SMART over other types of traps or rodent control?

Where other rodent control methods rely on the distribution of poisonous baits or rodenticides and snap traps, SMART uses strategically placed sensors that detect activity and non-toxic traps that efficiently and humanely deal with pests. With its ability to keep an eye on rodent activity around the clock, it takes the place of monthly or quarterly physical inspections. This means that problems are identified early, before an infestation can take hold.

These are just some of the benefits of the SMART system:

  • It provides 24/7/365 protection.
  • Since it’s non-toxic, it’s environmentally friendly and keeps you, your children, and your pets safe from harmful chemicals.
  • It takes away the worry of having to do the unpleasant task of emptying traditional traps, eliminating the physical interaction that can pose health hazards.
  • With traditional methods, it’s difficult to determine just how many rodents you have or how often they’re active.
  • Because it records and transmits complete data from every part of the system, our technicians can use that information to strategically adjust placement of sensors and traps to help prevent new infestations from being established.


How does the SMART monitoring process work?

The SMART system’s 24/7 monitoring capabilities are made possible by its network of devices. These include:

  • SMART Connect Minis: These units communicate wirelessly via a mesh network. Up to 200 devices can be connected to a Connect Mini, making it easy to provide coverage to even large homes.
  • SMART Eye Minis: These are dust-proof and waterproof sensors that can be placed anywhere—in crawlspaces, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, in attics, on walls, and more. These sensitive devices can detect a mouse from up to 6.5 feet away.


Where do you put the SMART devices in my home?

The information gathered during our initial inspection and analysis determines the strategic placement of sensors that detect rodent activity and placement of the non-toxic traps. Depending upon our findings, sensors may be located in your attic, crawlspace, or any other spot where rodents are most likely to hide. As data is collected and reported to us, we will know if sensors and traps should be moved to more strategic locations to ensure the greatest effectiveness of your system.


Do you offer SMART systems for businesses?

We do! If you are a business owner, we invite you to learn more about the power of our SMART system for commercial clients to prevent the infestations that can harm and disrupt your business and your company’s reputation.


Can I move or unplug my SMART devices?

Please do not move your SMART devices on your own. If you would like to move them, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Unplugging or moving your device could disrupt the network. We also document where the devices are so that if a different technician needs to assist, they will know where the devices are.

If you do unplug your device for any reason, please note that there is a backup battery system that lasts up to 35 days. That means our team will not see in our monitoring system that you unplugged your device until the battery backup runs out.


What if my power goes out?

If your power goes out the backup battery will kick in to cover the gap. The backup battery can last up to 35 days. If for some reason power is not reconnected to the device before the backup battery runs out, our team will get an alert and reach out to schedule an appointment to address the issue.


What if the SMART equipment goes offline?

Most devices will come back on withing 24-72 hours of being offline – if it does not, we will reach out to schedule an appointment.


What if there is activity on a device outside of regular business hours?

If activity is detected when our offices are closed, our team will review the alerts when we open again. We will contact you during our regular business hours to schedule a follow-up visit.


Do I need this?

A benefit to the SMART system is the peace of mind it provides clients. The 24/7 monitoring allows for effective visits from our technicians, so it’s not a constant barrage of coming in and checking all the traps every few days. Instead, we only come when we’re needed because the sensors alerted us without having to go in and physically check the traps. The data collected can also help with predicting future infestations so we can take steps to prevent it from ever happening. It’s easier for us to be in front of the problem instead, keeping our customers safe from the get-go.


Is this a camera?

Something that’s important to address with that is the potential concerns people may have regarding privacy. Fear not! There are no cameras on any SMART device. The SMART system only invades the privacy of rodents, not your family or even your pets.

The SMART Eye Mini collects passive infrared data and time stamps, sending that data back to the SMART Connect Mini.


Is this connected to my WiFi?

The SMART system transmits data using radio frequency, so nothing is connected to your WiFi. The system has built-in SIM cards and runs off its own network.


How do you decide if you come out?

Our team is alerted to activity captured by the SMART components. A team member then analyzes the data to avoid errors. Once we’ve confirmed the activity, we will notify you and set a time for a follow-up visit to address the activity.


What if I see activity in my home?

You are always welcome to call our team and we are happy to help. If you see any activity in your home, give us a call!



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