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Springtime is Time for Ant Control

ant control

Ant control in our area can be a serious matter, since two types of these pests can cause damage to your home or an allergic reaction in response to a sting. Carpenter ants and fire ants can both become problems this time of year as the temperatures rise and heavy rains are more frequent. Learning…

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Tips for Ant-Proofing Your Home

Ant Proofing

While we’re finally heading outside to enjoy spring weather and activities, ants are heading inside. As temperatures rise, you may notice these tiny pests around doors, windows, or other entry points as they seek a steady supply of food and water. Here are tips for ant-proofing your home before you have a serious infestation. Seal…

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It’s Tawny Crazy Ant Season in Northeast Florida

tawny crazy ants

You may not have heard of tawny crazy ants just yet, but chances are you soon will. This exotic, invasive ant species, native to South America, has made its way to the Southeastern U.S. in the last few years and is expected to spread quickly through the region. Tawny crazy ants presently pose the most…

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