Here Come The Springtime Pests!

springtime pests

The weather is just about perfect for getting back to everything we love about the outdoors, except for one thing: those pesky insects! Florida pests are out and about, looking for food, water, shelter, and places to breed. At best, insects are annoying; at worst, they can be destructive to your property or even pose a health risk. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to keep the bug population under control around your house and lawn. Here are some simple tips for pest prevention this spring:

Control plant growth.

Pests use the growth on shrubs and trees as food, housing, nesting sites, and as a way to get around. (Think of this: Just one climbing vine that touches your house can provide a highway for insects to make their way inside.) Plant growth close to your house also increases shady spots and dampness, which attracts all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes—they love hiding out in the shade as much as they love standing water.

Don’t make life easy for bugs and rodents: Keep shrubs, vines, plants, and tree branches trimmed back and regularly thin out uncontrolled plant growth throughout the spring and early summer.

Remove debris.

If the last of your firepit wood is stacked up against your house, it won’t take long for termites and carpenter ants to set up housekeeping. It’s also important to keep mulch at least 15 inches away from the foundation of our house.

Clear your yard of any debris or items you aren’t using, such as old tires, toys and unused containers that can collect standing water and decaying organic matter to prevent ants, ticks, and other stinging or biting insects from gathering.  

Tidy up your lawn.

There’s a long list of pests that can live in an overgrown lawn, from fleas and ticks to ants, snakes, and chiggers. Keeping your lawn cut to the height that’s best for your type of grass lets air and sunshine in, which helps keep the pest population down.

Check for entry points.

Spiders, rodents, mosquitoes, roaches, and other pests need only a tiny gap or hole to get inside your home. Check all of your window screens and weather stripping to make sure you aren’t putting out the welcome mat for spring pests. Also, inspect mortar around windows and doors, and around your home’s foundation, and repair any missing or damaged spots.

Maintain your roof and gutters.

All types of bugs are attracted to deteriorating or decaying wood, so give your roof a good once-over to check for damaged or missing shingles, and inspect the fascia and soffits for signs of rot.

If you’ve been putting off cleaning out your gutters, now is the time. Damp organic matter and decaying leaves can draw insects, and create spots for standing water if it can’t flow freely.

Call in the pros!

No matter what type of spring pest is bugging you, the pros at Turner Pest Control have you covered. Get in touch to learn more about all of the services that can keep your home and lawn pest-free this spring and throughout the year.


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