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We combine 50 years of experience with the safest, most effective products and most professional team in the business.

Turner Pest Control Ocala offers customized plans that give you the best pest control and protection.

One source for all of the pest control services you need. 

We know your family comes first and that safe, effective Ocala pest control services are important to all of our customers.

Our plans fit any need and are budget-friendly, with affordable monthly fees.

Pest control plans for Ocala residents

We offer services ranging from short-term programs that can take care of immediate problems, to long-term solutions for complete pest control.

Our pest control professionals will ensure your peace of mind by coming back out to your home until you are happy with our service!

There are no complicated contracts for our pest control services. We only offer straightforward, no-risk plans that give you the results you need with a price tag that you can afford.

Here’s what you can expect as our pest control customer:

Complete indoor coverage: We treat anywhere that a pest may invade your home, including cracks, crevices, and penetration points around the foundations of your home and patio. We also check under appliances.

Outdoor pest protection: We also clear out any spider webs, wasp nests, and any other insects found outside the home. We treat the thresholds of doors and windows, along with treating under eaves.

Follow-up calls are free: If you need any extra service calls, we’ll be happy to provide you with them for free.

Free, no-obligation estimates: We provide you with a free quote based on the size of your Ocala home and your budget.

Easy payment plans: We have a range of payment plans to make paying for pest control easy and affordable.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction: Turner Pest Control is committed to our customer’s satisfaction. If you aren’t pleased with your pest control service, we will return until you are.

residential pest control services

Turner Pest Control uses only safe, eco-friendly and family-friendly treatments.

The health and safety of your family is our #1 concern — that’s why we’re proud to offer the best environmentally friendly pest control solutions and current techniques for safe and effective pest control.

We use TurnerTubes, a pest control solution that prevents your family from being exposed to dangerous pest control chemicals while ensuring that you still receive the best pest control.

For the best protection, choose SMART TurnerGuard.

SMART TurnerGuard is our all-in-one termite and pest control solution. It provides the best value on comprehensive pest management for your Ocala home. There are no hidden costs nor excluded pests, and you’ll pay an affordable low monthly price based on the size of your home after an initial low, fixed price.


We understand the unique requirements of effectively controlling and exterminating pests in Ocala and provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of Florida homeowners.


Enjoy termite damage protection with no termite retreatment fees, plus complete pest control services with no excluded pests. We even cover fleas, snakes, and bed bugs.


Get peace of mind with our eco-friendly products. Go extra-green with our organic products.


We use only the best termite treatments for our customers—Premise, Termidor and our green option, Altriset. Choose from several affordable, effective termite solutions.


We offer complete fertilization and pest protection services to let you enjoy your yard year-round.


Get rid of these biting, disease-carrying insects with affordable mosquito extermination services.


We offer thorough inspections, expert technicians and re-inspections to ensure bed bugs are eliminated.


When rats, mice, or other types of rodents invade your home, they can cause problems ranging from structural damage to carrying disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of general Ocala pest control services that effectively control all of the common pests in our area. These pests include fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, spiders, termites, bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes and more. We also offer outdoor services, with our lawn pest control services allowing you to have the healthy green lawn you’ve always wanted. We offer free pest inspections and you can make an appointment online or call us.

To benefit from complete coverage with a low initial price, consider SMART TurnerGuard, a plan that provides more coverage than any other in the industry. You start at an affordable fixed price, then pay a low monthly fee, with your home’s square footage used to calculate that payment. There are no hidden costs or exclusions and you won’t have to pay for another termite treatment again.

As part of our pest control services in Ocala, we offer comprehensive termite control services. Because termites can create thousands of dollars of damage to your home, we use the maximum applications allowed. To give you freedom of choice, we provide three different termite control options:

  • For economic yet effective treatment, choose Premise.
  • For longer and wider termite protection, select Termidor.
  • For an environmentally friendly solution, pick Altriset.

Because each situation is different, we provide termite extermination services tailored to your home. Each plan includes a comprehensive perimeter treatment, including applications beneath patios, behind brick, within adjoining slabs, and inside blocks, bath traps, and pipes. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t perform spot treatments. To get started, request a free pest inspection, make an appointment online or call us.

Because many of the more than 80 types of mosquitoes found in Florida carry dangerous diseases, such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus, we apply fast-acting mosquito control treatments that protect your family and pets. Step one of our process includes a professional assessment and treatment recommendation for your unique needs. Then, we use ultra-low volume (ULV) treatments, carefully applied through a backpack mister. We use barrier sprays that are both fast-acting and long-lasting, focusing on foliage undersides, especially in shady areas. This is where mosquitoes tend to lay eggs.

We offer free pest inspections and often recommend monthly treatments to keep your family and pets safe. These treatments can be paused during winter months when this kind of pest is less active. We also offer affordable one-time treatments for when you’re planning outdoor activities. To get started, make an appointment online or call us.

First, know that bed bugs are more prevalent than ever because they used to be controlled by a now-banned treatment (DDT). Combine that with the fact that bed bugs are hard to locate and difficult to treat, and it’s easy to see that, if you do have an infestation, you’re not alone.

Bed bugs are often brought into a home through luggage or clothing, and burrow into mattresses and furniture. They find their way into cracks and crevices, and along baseboards, settling into nightstands, headboards, and carpeting. Early signs of a bed bug infestation include small spots on linens and mattresses, reddish or brown in color. People in your home may be experiencing red, itchy, swollen welts, often in a row.

If you suspect you have a bed bug infestation, contact us now for a free pest inspection. Or, you can make an appointment online. We even offer re-inspections to keep you free of these frustrating, biting pests.

In short, it’s because of our long lawn-growing season as compared to most other parts of the country. This means that pests can be a problem all year long. That’s why we offer lawn pest control services in Ocala every single month. The services we offer beautify your lawn and protect it against pests while also keeping your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.

More specifically, we assess the condition of your lawn and recommend and apply the treatments you need during bi-monthly visits. This includes management of broadleaf and grassy weeds, comprehensive fertilizer treatments, fungi management, micronutrient treatments, and, as needed, turf optimization, shrub fertilization, and disease control.

We also offer these additional services:

  • Fire ant management: Bites by fire ants can be quite painful, so we offer an annual treatment. If you bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn pest control services, you save even more money.
  • Mole control services: Although nobody can stop moles from finding their way to your property, effective treatments exist to get rid of them before they do more damage. Mole control services by Turner Pest Control include using bait along the pathway used by the moles.
  • Armadillo control services: These pests can carry dangerous diseases and also dig up yards. We apply treatments that cause them to leave their burrows and not return.

We offer both a comprehensive, money-saving pest control plan and one-time services to address the infestations you’re experiencing right now. We stand behind all that we do and will work to ensure you’re satisfied. If not, then we’ll come back at no charge until you’re happy. We don’t believe in complicated contracts and don’t charge cancellation fees. We do believe in straightforward, no-risk plans that provide you with the pest control services and results you need.

Although our services are quarterly, if you have issues in between regularly scheduled visits, we will happily provide additional ones at no charge. Our Ocala pest control service quotes are tailored to your unique situation and we provide easy payment options. Plus, we offer a free pest inspection.

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