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Outdoor & Lawn Pest Control Services in Sarasota, FL

Picture your dream lawn: healthy, lovely, lush, and green. If yours isn’t all that you’d like it to be, pests may well be a big part of the problem. Because no two lawns in Sarasota have the same problems, Turner Pest Control offers a free inspection to discover what, exactly, is standing between you and that dream lawn.

Then, we’ll beautify your Sarasota lawn through a combination of pest control services and comprehensive lawn care services throughout the year. This will allow you to enjoy a beautiful lawn during each of the seasons.

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Outdoor Pest Control Service Plans

Have you noticed one or more of the following in your lawn in Sarasota?

  • Patches of dead or dying grass
  • Blades of grass with brown spots or chew marks
  • Wilting grass blades
  • Holes in the soil
  • Insects crawling around

The reality is that the warm weather in Sarasota makes it quite comfortable for pests to settle in, including in your soil and lawn. If that’s what’s happening in your yard, we can help! We address pest control problems, no matter how challenging, and we provide outdoor service plans to create and maintain an eye-pleasing lawn. This includes:

  • Fertilizer treatments: We provide granular treatment applications and this serves as a key part of our comprehensive lawn care service plan.
  • Broadleaf weed treatments: Weed management is also a core element of lawn beautification.
  • Fungus growth management: This will control fungus growth, to create the optimal in lawn turf.
  • Micronutrient treatments: To take the health and beauty of your Sarasota lawn to the next level, we use “Green Up” treatments.

Because no two lawns are alike, we customize our recommendations. If, for example, you need shrub care, we can add fertilization and disease control for your shrubs to your package. You can also take advantage of the perimeter lawn care treatment that’s part of our residential pest control services. This is targeted to keep pests out of your home, with treatments applied to your lawn for ants, flies, roaches, spiders, and more.

Optional Outdoor Pest Control Services

Additional services that we offer include mosquito control and fire ant management services. Mosquitoes go beyond being an annoyance, also being carriers of deadly disease. Public health threats posed by these swarming creatures include the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and more. They can also spread disease to your pets: heartworm.

So, mosquito control services help to protect people and pets alike. We first target breeding sites, such as areas of standing water, and then follow up with treatments that can range from daily to seasonal. We also offer one-time mosquito treatments, ideal if you’re having a special outdoor event, such as a graduation party or wedding reception.

Then there are fire ants, miserable creatures that can pose significant threats—and just about the last thing you want to see in your yard. We offer an annual fire ant management treatment with free service calls, guaranteed. You can also choose to bundle your fire ant treatments with your lawn care package, which streamlines the process and makes it even easier for you.

Fully Customized Sarasota Lawn Treatments

As you can see, “one size fits all” just isn’t in our vocabulary at Turner Pest Control. We’re here to provide Sarasota homeowners with only the lawn care services they’ll ever need, carefully creating customized plans.

Why Choose Turner Pest Control

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • We’re recognized as one of the top 100 pest control companies in the United States.
  • We’re QualityPro-certified, which is an honor granted to fewer than three percent of the country’s pest control businesses; to maintain this prestigious designation, we must:
    • Agree to comply with their high professional standards
    • Keep our records available to them for QualityPro audits
    • Provide annual signed affidavits to confirm ongoing compliance
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If ever you’re unhappy with a treatment, we’ll return at no charge to you.

Our nationally recognized company is also one of the region’s fastest growing ones as we continue to serve increasing numbers of homeowners like you. We’ve been in business for nearly 50 years, yet we stay true to our roots and offer the same personalized service as we did in 1971.

We never ask you to sign a complicated contract and we never change cancellation fees.

To get started with Sarasota outdoor pest control and lawn care services, contact us online or call 941-342-7378.