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Here’s the unfortunate news: mosquitoes pose threats to you and your loved ones. Now, the good news: our Naples mosquito control treatments take care of them.

Protect Family, Friends, and Property With Our Complete Mosquito Control Servoces

When you live in Florida, there’s a good chance that mosquitoes sometimes keep you indoors, and there are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to stay where they can’t get to you. First of all, they bite, and these bites can be itchy and painful—and can even lead to infections. Next, in our state, they can be a problem throughout the year. After all, there are more than 80 species of mosquitoes in Florida since they are attracted to our temperate, humid weather.

Then, there’s an even bigger problem. Mosquitoes can carry serious diseases, including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, dengue, malaria, the Chikungunya virus, and more, and these diseases can be transmitted by a single bite from an infected insect. So, the reality is that mosquitoes can present a true danger.

Fortunately, Turner Pest Control offers safe yet highly effective mosquito control in Naples that can eliminate the problem. So, please contact us online or call us at (239) 221-0096 to schedule your free, thorough inspection.

Ways that you can benefit from Naples mosquito control by Turner include the following:

  • No-Cost, No-Obligation Estimate: After we’ve inspected your property, we’ll provide you with a personalized quote to address your problem. It’s free. It comes with no obligation.
  • Empowered by Choice: For optimal results, we recommend our recurring service during the peak mosquito season, which typically lasts for seven months in Florida. Or, you may need our one-time service for a special event or other reasons. Your decision!
  • Knowledgeable Technicians: Our ace team in Naples knows just where mosquitoes tend to hide and breed. So, we’ll confirm their location. Our Naples mosquito control also has an understanding of mosquito behavior, and we’ll use that to take care of the issues.
  • Customized Plans: At Turner, we recognize how any two mosquito challenges are never quite the same. So, the solutions we design to eliminate them are personalized for your specific situation. Plus, prices are based on the square footage of your property to ensure you never pay too much.
  • Affordable Mosquito Control Services: We tailor our services to your particular situation and your lawn’s size, which means that you’ll receive exactly the right mosquito control services at the right price. If, for example, your yard is smaller, then your mosquito control in Naples will cost less.

Here’s another way that we keep your Naples mosquito control services affordable. We carefully monitor weather conditions and, if temperatures will significantly dip, we can pause your treatments.

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Professional and Proactive Mosquito Control in Naples

Here’s how it works. Our professional team will apply monthly barrier sprays that are fast-acting and long-lasting. These products contain an insect growth regulator to interrupt the breeding cycles of the mosquitoes and a chemical that acts quickly to create a long-lasting, residual barrier.

This complete form of protection will control mosquito swarms and keep them from bothering you and your family. More specifically, our well-trained technicians use ultra-low volume (ULV) mosquito control treatments, using a backpack mister and strategically applying treatments where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs: in the shady areas of your property on the foliage undersides.

Plus, if you’re going to hold an outdoor birthday or graduation party or a wedding and reception, our one-time mosquito control services will protect your guests. You can relax, too, not having to worry about biting insects and their unpleasant swarms on your day of celebration.

Make—and Enjoy—Outdoor Summer Plans

If you’ve hesitated about participating in outdoor plans because of mosquitoes, you won’t have to do that anymore—even during the peak of mosquito season. You can enjoy being outdoors again thanks to our flexible, affordable mosquito control in Naples. Here’s an overview of the benefits of our mosquito treatments:

Long-lasting effectiveness.


Penetrating low-volume mist.


Monthly mosquito-season treatments.


Pause service during winter months.

Mosquito Prevention Techniques

The best mosquito control possible is typically a combination of using preventive techniques along with professional pest control. Here’s what you can do to help: address the standing water on your property. Mosquitoes only need a tiny bit of standing water to breed and expand their troublesome population.

So, inspect your property for places where rainwater collects or where water from sprinklers puddles up. When you have a Turner Pest Control technician coming out to your property for Naples mosquito control, they can also provide this information to you. Then, do what you can to reduce or even eliminate this standing water. This can include keeping your rain gutters clear (or adding to or repairing your gutters) and emptying water from playsets, yard decorations, and so forth. Also, change out water in fountains and bird baths frequently. Here’s more information about eliminating areas where mosquitoes will breed.

You’ll want to keep any mosquitoes from getting indoors. Once they get inside, they can live for quite a while—especially the females. If a female gets a meal by biting you, your family, or your pets, certain species can live for up to twenty days. (Because males don’t bite, they’ll only live a week or so indoors.) To keep mosquitoes from getting into your home, make sure your door and window screens are in good shape and sealed well. To protect yourself, avoid going out during peak mosquito times at dusk and dawn. When you do go out, cover up with pants and long sleeves and use approved repellents on exposed skin.

Our Naples Mosquito Control Program Empowers You

Yes, it’s true! You really can take back your yard. In a time when keeping the mosquito populations under control is more important than ever before, we have a Naples mosquito control program that truly empowers you and puts you in the driver’s seat. Our affordable pricing means that you can keep these biting, annoying, disease-carrying pests under control.

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The Smart Choice For Mosquito Control in Naples
Protect your family and pets with our mosquito treatment program.

When you need mosquito control in Naples, you’ll benefit from fifty-plus years of experience in Florida when you choose Turner Pest Control. Technologies we’ve used over the years have evolved and advanced, doing so in ways that have made our quality pest control services even more effective.

Over the years, though, many important things have remained the same. They include our complete home inspection and transparent quote, which is free and comes with no obligation. Our Naples mosquito control plans are still carefully customized and designed by a professional technician team for your specific problem, needs, property size, and more. Once we have your approval, we’ll get to work, letting the mosquito population on your property know that they aren’t welcome.

Turner offers quality mosquito control in Naples along with overall residential pest control services plus those for rodent control, termite treatments, bed bug treatments, and lawn and outdoor services. Although the specifics will vary with each, the goal is the same: your satisfaction.

Turner is one of Florida’s fastest-growing companies and is ranked in the Top 100 pest control companies in the United States. Plus, we’re a QualityPro Certified company, a distinction that’s been earned by less than three percent of pest control providers in the country.

When you choose Turner for your eco-friendly mosquito control in Naples, you can count on professional, trained technicians who have passed stringent background checks and will arrive on time to provide prompt courteous service. We only use the latest, most effective, environmentally friendly products and processes.

With Turner, there are never any hidden fees, and there are never any contract cancellation fees. To get started with your mosquito control in Naples, please contact us online or call (239) 221-0096.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly believe that Turner offers the best mosquito control in Naples because we design customized programs for each customer and base the price on their property’s square footage.

More specifically, our treatment plan is safe, targeted, and highly effective as our well-trained technicians use a backpack mister to strategically apply ultra-low volume (ULV) treatments. They apply them in shaded areas on your property on the undersides of foliage because this is where mosquitoes tend to hide and breed. These products take a dual approach to mosquito control. They contain insect growth regulators that effectively interrupt mosquitoes’ breeding cycles along with a fast-acting chemical that rapidly creates a long-lasting, residual barrier.

With our recurring mosquito control service, we apply treatments monthly throughout the peak season, which is typically around seven months in Florida although start and end times can vary slightly because of weather conditions. The Turner team will monitor conditions throughout the year and, to make our services even more affordable, we can pause your mosquito control in Naples when the temperatures dip.

As another option, you can use our fast, effective one-time service for special events like birthday and graduation parties, weddings and receptions, and family picnics.

When you have well-trained professionals like those at Turner Pest Control who use eco-friendly products and techniques that have been approved by the Environment Protection Agency, then the answer is “yes.” First, consider the dangers that mosquitoes pose. Besides biting people and pets—with those bites often becoming itchy, even painful—they cause bigger problems. Those bites can become infected.

Plus, mosquitoes can carry and transmit a range of dangerous diseases, including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, dengue, malaria, the Chikungunya virus, and more. These unwanted illnesses can be spread by a single bite from an infected insect. Although we never want to be alarmists, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Severe cases of mosquito-borne diseases can cause death.”

Now that we’ve established that the problems can be quite serious, it’s important to note that we design affordable programs for Naples mosquito control so that they fit your budget. To make it even more affordable, when temperatures dip, we can pause treatments.

At Turner, we use a product that’s sprayed from backpack misters at ultra-low volumes, and they contain an ingredient that creates a long-lasting residual barrier. So, we only apply our products once a month, finding that it’s the right timetable to keep you and your family well protected.

Although mosquitoes can be a problem in Florida for much of the year, there tends to be a peak season of seven months. So, we recommend our recurring monthly service during that time frame (which can be a bit different each year, depending upon when the pests start to breed in the spring and when temperatures dip in the wintertime). Then, we can pause treatments to keep your plan even more affordable. We also have a one-time service to get rid of these biting pests before you host a special outdoor event.

The cost can vary based on the extent of your mosquito population and the size of your property. At Turner, we want to ensure that nobody ever pays more than they should, so we base our pricing on the square footage of your property. This means that, if you have a smaller yard, you won’t pay as much.

When considering mosquito treatment costs, also think about what happens if the population grows. Not only do these pests bite and make it difficult to enjoy being outdoors, but they can also spread dangerous diseases.

Our program for mosquito control in Naples is customized for each customer so, if you’d like a free pest inspection and a no-cost, no-obligation estimate, just let us know: online or by calling (239) 221-0096. To help keep the treatments even more affordable, when temperatures dip and the peak mosquito season ends, we can pause your Naples mosquito control.

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