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We combine 50 years of experience with the safest, most effective products and most professional team in the business.

Pest Control in Parrish, Florida

Here at Turner Pest Control, we provide premier pest control to the residents of Parrish. When bugs invade your home or weeds take over your yard, we understand you want fast elimination from a company you can trust. Not only have we been in business for more than 50 years, we always put our customers first.

We never cut corners with often unnecessary blanket treatments. Instead, we’ll inspect, identify, and treat the pest problem with the most effective treatment plan possible, ensuring total elimination of threats and restoring your comfort and peace of mind!

We Quickly Eliminate Pests from Your Home

Here at Turner, we know that it takes a trained expert to truly identify the root cause of an infestation and properly target it with effective treatment methods. When you partner with Turner for your pest control in Parrish, here’s what you can expect from our team of experts:

  • We’ll start with a pest inspection to identify the severity of the infestation and exactly which treatments will be most effective for the species and location.
  • After we treat your home, we’ll remove pest hiding places by sweeping down spider cobwebs around the exterior of your home.
  • Next, we’ll seal bugs off from the inside by placing a barrier treatment around the exterior windows, doors, and foundation of your home.
  • Finally, we’ll ensure long term elimination by conducting regular inspections and treating your home on a regular basis!
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Mosquito Control in Parrish

Itchy bites. Annoying buzzing. West Nile Virus, Zika, Malaria, and Yellow Fever: these are all the dangers that mosquitoes can pose to you, your family, and your pets. While mosquitoes are tough, our team at Turner Pest Control is tougher, and our mosquito control in Parrish can help you get back to enjoying your lawn in peace and comfort.

  • We offer eco-friendly mosquito extermination in Parrish we use plant-based mosquito spray and safe pesticides to treat mosquito breeding and resting areas 2-3 times a day
  • It’s not just enough to get rid of mosquitoes—you have to keep them gone. Because of this, we offer bi-monthly recurring treatments. One of our mosquito exterminators in Parrish will come out to check for new breeding grounds and resting areas and treat your property to make sure the pests stay gone.
  • Our friendly team members can offer you helpful advice on how to avoid mosquito bites and make the most of our treatments so you and your loved ones can rest safe and assured.
Safe and Quick Bed Bug Control

We want to help you get back to sleeping soundly! Our bed bug treatment in Parrish works quickly and gets rid of bed bugs with minimal disruption to your life. Bed bug control also shouldn’t break the bank.

At Turner Pest Control, we make bed bug control quick and easy while keeping your family safe. With our heat treatments, you can rest assured that each room in your house will be safely and reliably clear of bed bugs for good. We pride ourselves on not leaving even a single bed bug behind to kickstart a new infestation. Don’t give bed bugs a free ride for another second and contact us today!

Termite Treatment in Parrish

If left unchecked, a termite infestation can cause serious structural damage to your home and leave you to pay the bill. To give your home the protection it deserves, trust our termite treatment in Parrish. We’ll quickly eliminate all existing termites on your property and prevent them from returning. There’s no better option for long-term relief than Turner!

When you choose our termite treatment in Parrish, we will:

  • Complete a comprehensive inspection to search for signs of termite damage.
  • Assess the severity of the infestation and determine affected areas.
  • Tailor treatment based on our findings, using options ranging from spot treatment to tent fumigation.
  • Keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Don’t let termites eat away at your biggest investment!


We understand the unique requirements of effectively controlling and exterminating pests in Parrish and provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of Florida homeowners.


Enjoy a lifetime termite damage protection with no termite retreatment fees, plus complete pest control services with no excluded pests. We even cover fleas, snakes, and bed bugs.


Get peace of mind with our eco-friendly products. Go extra-green with our organic products.


Florida is a high activity area for subterranean termites, making proven treatments key in effectively protecting your home.


We know how important it is to keep your loved ones safe. That’s why we use BioGreen products, specially designed to work with your lawn to get it growing at peak levels without the use of harsh chemicals.


If you’re tired of spending your summer battling annoying mosquitoes, our mosquito control in Parrish is what you need!


Once bed bugs are established in your home, they are nearly impossible to remove without professional help. Call us today for expert bed bug treatment services.


Our Parrish rodent control services are designed to be fast, effective, and long-lasting, giving you the immediate relief you need and the permanent peace of mind you crave.

Lawn Services in Parrish

Here at Turner Pest Control, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful lawn. When you sign on for our lawn care services in Parrish, we’ll handle all the dirty work – so all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

Save yourself the hard work and let the professionals with over 50 years of experience handle the hassle for you! Our Parrish lawn care programs provide:

  • Lawn fertilization treatments to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to survive and thrive in every season.
  • Lawn pest control that will protect your lawn from destructive pests such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, billbugs, and fall armyworms.
  • Post-emergent and pre-emergent weed control to treat existing weeds in your yard and prevent future ones from appearing.
  • Tree and shrub care to protect your ornamentals from damage, so you can enjoy your landscape in every season throughout the year.
Eco-Friendly Lawn Treatments

Here at Turner, we know that lawn care is a science. A vibrant lawn needs the right products to maintain its health, both above and below the ground. At Turner Pest Control, we utilize Bio Green products to ensure exceptional results. Bio-based lawn care products are designed to work with your lawn, giving it what it needs most in each season so that it can experience growth at optimal levels.

Each treatment is specially formulated to pack a punch for your landscape while being gentle on the ecosystem and your family. Our environmentally-friendly lawn care treatments in Parrish will give you the healthy lawn and shrubs you deserve!

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