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Florida’s warm temperatures and high humidity make Sarasota a prime place for pests, from ants to bed bugs, and from mosquitoes to termites, rodents, snakes, cockroaches and more.

Fortunately Turner Pest Control provides comprehensive, affordable, eco-friendly pest control services, both indoors and out—including immediate help for pests that are harassing you and ongoing services to keep your Sarasota home pest free.

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Sarasota Residential Pest Control Services We Provide

They include:

Bed bugs can be challenging to find and, once you do locate them, they can be difficult to eliminate using DIY treatments. So, instead of waiting until your Sarasota home is overrun with these pesky critters, contact us as soon as you suspect the problem.

As far as mosquitoes, we all know how frustrating it can be when they swarm your yard—and, to make matters worse, they can carry multiple dangerous diseases. These include the West Nile disease, Zika virus, dengue fever, chikungunya, viral diseases, and more. And, because Florida is home to more than 80 different varieties of mosquitoes, it’s important to take control. Turner Pest Control offers ongoing mosquito control services as well as one-time extermination for special events.

Then there are rats and mice, rodents that carry 30+ diseases that can be directly or indirectly transmitted to humans. They can spread directly when friends and family members come in contact with live (or dead!) rodents, or their fluids or bites. Indirectly, parasites and other insects can bite a rat or mouse that’s disease infected—and then they can spread illnesses to humans. These diseases include hantavirus, pulmonary fever, trichinosis, salmonellosis and more.

Plus, rodents can damage your home, car and more. They chew through wires (which can lead to fires in the home), wooden beams and joists and more.

And, the reality is that all Sarasota homes are vulnerable to termites, with infestations able to cause thousands of dollars of damage. Two of the most common (and destructive) types are the Formosan—super aggressive and prevalent, with swarms sometimes having more than one million swarming members—and the Eastern subterranean termite. This is a less aggressive variety, but also more widespread, causing even more damage, overall. To add to the termite troubles, queens can continually lay eggs for up to 50 years.

Plus, Turner Pest Control offers a lawn program that protects it against pests while also beautifying it year round. We’re the only lawn care provider taking care of your lawn like you would, providing comprehensive care while keeping your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.

Benefit from Affordable Pest Control Services

First, we never charge for quotes—or cancellations. Plus, at Turner Pest Control, we provide customizable plans based upon your home’s square footage so you only pay for the services you need.

Here’s another benefit. You can pay for the specific pest control services you need, perhaps mosquito control or termite extermination, or you can benefit from our comprehensive TurnerGuard termite and pest control plan (with no excluded pests).

Be sure to ask about our eco-friendly services!

More About Our Sarasota Pest Control Services

For indoor services, we treat all entry points, from cracks and crevices to beneath appliances and more. Pests have plenty of ways to slither into your home, but our trained technicians know how to identify and properly treat them.

As far as your home’s exterior, our technicians treat doorways, as well as around windows, under eaves, and more. We clear away spider webs, nests and more.

We offer a range of flexible payment options—with our services guaranteed or your money back. We promise that you’ll be happy with our service. If not, you can count on FREE follow-up service until you are satisfied.

What we provide is peace of mind. Peace of mind for you, and for your family. Our inspections are thorough, and our experienced team knows how to hunt down the spots where pests like to hide, infest, and breed. We then provide a targeted treatment specifically designed for the pests in your home and lawn.

Count on Turner Pest Control's Residential Pest Services

We’ve been providing Florida pest control services for homeowners and businesses for more than 40 years. Our focus is on exceeding the industry’s minimum standards to offer you pest protection that really works.

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