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Bed Bugs are back!

October 24, 2012   |   Bed Bugs

They are not just a cute little slogan that your parents used to tell you at night.  Cases in the south are steadily rising, especially in Florida. These pesky critters have even become resistant to some pesticides!  What are bed bugs? Glad you asked! Don’t be fooled by their cute name, they are blood-sucking parasites! They feed mostly at night and thrive in human environments. Contrary to popular belief bed bugs CAN be seen by the naked eye and can grow to be five millimeters in length and three millimeters wide. Bed bug bites can take up to nine days to appear and look similar to a mosquito bite. How do you get bed bugs? Glad you asked again! They essentially hitch hike from one place to another and someone entering an existing infestation then carries them back to their home or office. Hotels and resorts are highly subject to infestations due to the high turnover and volume of people spending the night. They can also hitch hike in cars, (ask Howard Stern), used furniture, and even clothing! How can you protect yourself? Yep, we can help with that too! Prior to booking a room, Google the name and bed bugs to see if there have been any reports. Choose hard sided luggage. Do a room inspection upon arrival and check thoroughly around the bed, especially at the front and around the piping. Pack a flashlight that can aid with inspection. Always use a luggage rack in hotels. Try not to place baggage on the floor or closet.

In the unfortunate situation you do get bed bugs, we can help! Though humans can have a hard time spotting infestations, they can’t hide from our Jack Russell Abbey, or our Beagle mix, Oreo! They are Certified Scent Detection K-9’s, trained specifically to sniff out bed bugs. Along with the K-9 inspection, Turner offers a specialized bed bug treatment to rid your home of unwanted pests. We also backup our services with multiple re-inspections to make sure your home is bed bug free- FOR GOOD!

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