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Don’t Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Summer Travel

July 10, 2023   |   Bed Bugs

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Summer is a great (and popular) time to go on vacation. Unfortunately, summer travels mean we need to be on the lookout for bed bugs. These pests are travel experts, able to hitch a ride and cover long distances as your unseen passengers. Before you depart for a trip this summer, keep in mind these tips for keeping bed bugs from becoming a member of your household when you return.

How to Recognize Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, about the same size as apple seeds. Before they’ve fed, their oval bodies look brownish; after they’ve had a meal, they’ll be more red in color.

Even if you don’t spot a bed bug, you may see signs of their presence, including:

  • Rusty spots on bedding, mattresses, and even walls from their excrement
  • Small stains of blood on your bedding
  • Shed skins or egg shells in their hiding places
  • Musty odors

How to Prevent Bed Bug Problems When You’re Traveling

Checking for bed bugs may take some of the fun out of your vacation, but it’s worth the time to keep from bringing them home with you. Here’s what to do when you get to your hotel rooms:

  • Closely inspect all mattresses and box springs. Pay special attention to the top of the mattress where you lay your head and all corners of the mattress. Keep an eye out for pepper-like stains or spots, and shed skins.
  • Before you unpack any of your belongings, inspect every area of the room, including behind headboards and inside every drawer and cabinet. Also check upholstered furniture, such as chairs and sofas.
  • Prevent bed bugs from getting into your luggage by putting your suitcases in plastic bags.
  • Keep your luggage on non-upholstered surfaces, such as the tub or tile floor. Avoid using a luggage rack that has hollow legs.
  • Put away your things only after you’ve done a complete inspection.

If you do think bed bugs are in your room, ask to change rooms immediately. Make sure your new room isn’t directly below or above the original room or adjacent to it, since bed bugs don’t have any problem moving from one room to another.

What to do When You Get Home

A few simple steps can help ensure you don’t have these pests setting up housekeeping in your house:

  • Thoroughly inspect every piece of luggage before you bring any of them indoors.
  • Vacuum your suitcases before storing them. If you have a garment steamer, use it—the heat can kill bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Use plastic bags to seal any clothing that you plan on taking to the dry cleaners at a later date.
  • If your pet has traveled with you, launder any washable toys or pet beds that went along on the trip.

What to do if You Suspect You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

A bed bug infestation can be very persistent, but there are several things you can do to help get rid of them. These include:

  • Launder as many washable items as you can, such as linens, drapery, clothes, and bedding. Use hot water and the highest setting on your dryer.
  • For items that can’t be washed, give them a 30-minute spin in the dryer set on high.
  • Scrub the seams of mattresses with a stiff brush, then vacuum.
  • Vacuum frequently, especially around beds. Replace the vacuum bag after every session, putting the used bag in a sealed plastic bag and taking it to an outdoor garbage can.
  • Cover both your mattress and box springs with zippered covers made especially to prevent bedbugs from getting in or getting out. 

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