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Creepy Crawlers in the Christmas Décor

November 29, 2023   |   Cockroaches

a stack of cardboard boxes in a room

As we deck the halls for the festive season, unexpected threats may be lurking in our beloved Christmas decorations—German cockroaches and powderpost beetles. German cockroaches, attracted to cardboard and moisture, can find a haven in your Christmas decorations stored in the attic. Powderpost beetles are tiny invaders with a penchant for wooden treasures, posing a risk to cherished items like Christmas wreaths.

Not everything is a lump of coal, though. The silver lining is that prevention methods will keep your holiday season pest free. We can help you understand, prevent, and eliminate the threat of infestations in your holiday storage or anywhere else in your home.


Unveiling the Threat of German Cockroaches

German cockroaches, with their resilience and attraction to cardboard, pose a unique threat during the holiday season. It’s helpful to know the signs of an infestation, such as a musty odor and small, dark droppings resembling coffee grounds. If you can find the problem, the solution is close.


Risk in Storing Christmas Decorations: Attraction to Cardboard

German cockroaches have a particular affinity for cardboard, making your attic a potential hotspot if you store Christmas decorations in cardboard boxes. There are risks associated with storing items in cardboard, especially in warm and humid environments. German roaches thrive in these conditions, making it imperative to reconsider storage methods to safeguard your home from unwanted infestations.


The A/C Return in the Attic: A Moisture Magnet

German cockroaches thrive on moisture, and the A/C return in your attic can inadvertently provide the ideal environment for these pests. There is a connection between moisture generated by the A/C return and the increased risk of cockroach infestations in cardboard-stored items.

To mitigate the risk, we recommend regular A/C maintenance and moisture control measures. Using a dehumidifier can help with damp areas. This proactive approach is essential for creating an inhospitable environment for German cockroaches in your attic or elsewhere.


Prevention and Elimination Strategies

Along with your cleaning routine, seal potential entry points, and opt for alternative storage solutions that are less attractive to these pests. Air-tight, plastic bins are a great option.

Regular inspections, proper sanitation, and the use of cockroach baits and traps as part of an integrated pest management strategy are key.


Unveiling the Threat of Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles are silent intruders that can wreak havoc on wooden decorations. These pests lay their eggs on or inside wood, where the larvae tunnel and feed, causing significant structural damage.


The Christmas Connection: Wooden Decorations at Risk

The holiday season amplifies the risk of powderpost beetle infestations, especially for wooden Christmas decorations stored throughout the year. From ornate wooden ornaments to intricately crafted wreaths, these items become potential targets for wood-devouring pests like the powderpost beetle. Powderpost beetles are particularly attracted to hardwoods, which Christmas decorations often feature.


Identifying Powderpost Beetle Infestations

According to PestWorld, common signs of a powderpost beetle infestation include small, round exit holes in wood, fine sawdust-like dust called frass around the holes, and damaged wood that feels powdery when touched. It’s important to promptly identify and address powderpost beetle infestations to prevent further damage to your wooden holiday treasures (and any other wooden objects they may have an appetite for).


Prevention and Control Strategies

Inspect wooden decorations for signs of infestation and store wooden décor in a cool, dry place to discourage beetle activity. You can also apply borate-based wood preservatives and consult with pest management professionals like us for a targeted solution.


Protecting Your Home and Holidays

Safeguarding your home and cherished holiday decorations from infestation requires awareness and proactive measures. Be vigilant, reassess your storage methods, and take steps to eliminate factors that attract these creepy crawlers. May your holidays be filled with the warmth of celebration, not the chill of pest-induced concerns!

Should things go awry and you find yourself needing help, call us at (800)225-5305 or schedule a free inspection.

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