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Selling Your Home? Schedule a Pest Inspection First

July 27, 2015   |   Lawn + Outdoor

Jacksonville pest controlThe Jacksonville-area housing market has seen very positive gains in the first half of 2015, resulting in more homeowners considering putting their homes up for sale.

If you’ve made the decision to take advantage of current market conditions and sell your home, your to-do list is sure to include making your property look its best inside and out. With the pest populations we have in Northeast Florida, an important item on your to-do list should be making sure your home is pest-free  before potential buyers pay a visit.

Prevent unwanted surprises

While many home sellers wait to call for an inspection until after their home has sold, it’s a much better idea to know just where you stand before you negotiate the sales price of your home. Real estate pros know that it’s always better to spot and correct problems before potential buyers do, and eliminate unpleasant surprises before showing your home. When you schedule a pest inspection first, you can discover any issues for yourself, not with your buyer in tow, and you can decide the best way to correct any issues that may arise. Unrepaired pest damage can cause buyers to be concerned not only about pests, but also about the home’s overall condition, preventing an offer or lowering offers that are made.

Check for termites

Termite inspections are particularly important. After all, termite damage is costly, and if a termite inspection isn’t performed until your home is in escrow, what happens if you find out you need thousands of dollars in treatment and repair? Getting a termite inspection done early means you’ll be in a better bargaining position if there are problems; and if there aren’t, you’ll be able to prove it with confidence.

What areas of your home should you have inspected? All of them, both inside and out. This means decks, wood patio covers, and gazebos should all be inspected, too. With these exterior areas exposed to rain, sun, and heat, termites and dry rot can both do a great deal of damage.

Get expert help

For the best results, it’s important to rely on a professional pest control technician to conduct your inspection. A pest inspection is not the place to cut corners. Don’t rely on your own expertise to find pests and the damage they cause, because much of it can be hidden.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, call on the pest control experts at Turner Pest Control. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection and recommend the treatment plan that’s right for you.

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