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Alert Issued for Mosquito-borne Illness in Duval County

September 10, 2018   |   Mosquitoes

mosquito controlThe Florida Department of Health has just issued a mosquito-borne illness alert for Duval County after a West Nile virus case was confirmed. This is the second recently confirmed human case of the virus in our area—the first was in neighboring Nassau County. Both counties currently remain under a mosquito-borne illness advisory, which began earlier this summer when a case of Eastern equine encephalitis virus was found in horses in Nassau County.

Drain and cover!

With 12-month rainfall totals for our area staying above average, mosquitoes have ample sites to lay their eggs. In addition, our winter forecast predicts more wet weather to come, so it’s important to maintain your mosquito prevention practices well into the fall. The Duval County health authorities remind us to “drain and cover:”

Drain all standing water:

  • Mosquitoes need only a tiny collection of water in which to lay eggs. Check and empty water from garbage cans, overturned garbage can lids, kid’s plastic pools, covers on pools and grills, planters and flower pots, toys and playsets, and more.
  • Get rid of debris that can hold any water, such as cans, broken equipment, tires, bottles or anything else that’s discarded on your property.
  • Keep your pool properly chlorinated and the pump running as recommended.
  • Clean and empty birdbaths and fountains and keep outdoor pet bowls clean.

Cover your skin:

  • Although it’s hot, wear long sleeves and pants if you’re going to be spending time in an area where mosquitoes are present. Shoes and socks can help as well.
  • Use repellent on both your clothing and bare skin.
  • For children younger than two months of age, use mosquito netting instead of any repellents.

Cover doors and windows:

  • Small holes in screens should be repaired. Check screens on doors, windows, patios, porches, and enclosures around pools.

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Our mosquito control service includes multiple treatments on your property, which builds up their effectiveness over time. We use long-lasting barrier sprays that attach to foliage in the shady areas of your yard—even under leaves—where mosquitoes prefer to breed and rest. Since these pests tend to stay very close to where they hatched, the adults get the chemicals on their bodies when they contact the sprayed foliage, then bring the chemicals back to breeding sites. With recurring monthly treatment, the cycle of extermination continues until the breeding site is completely eliminated.

Watch this brief video to see how our mosquito treatment is applied:

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