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A Happy Ending for National Pet Day!

April 11, 2018   |   News

Ms. MillerWe’re proud to be a partner of First Coast No More Homeless Pets (FCNMHP), which does great work for our community. The latest example of FCNMHP’s positive impact is how it stepped in to save a friendly kitty, with the help of a caring neighbor, and we’re so glad to be able to share this story on National Pet Day.

Cali is a friendly community cat who is fortunate to live in a neighborhood where Ms. Miller also lives. A kind person who cares for neighborhood cats, Ms. Miller noticed Cali dragging herself across the yard. She quickly realized that Cali had been shot with a pellet gun and lost the use of her legs. Not only that, Ms. Miller saw that Cali was expecting kittens.

Ms. Miller, who gets by on Social Security only, turned to FCNMHP for help. Its veterinarians realized that Cali was facing life-threatening conditions from her pregnancy. The FCNMHP team rushed her into surgery, performed a C-section, and saved Cali’s life as well as one of her kittens.

Thanks to donor-driven charitable relief funds and the support of Turner Pest Control and other FCNMHP partners, the Angel Fund covered all of the costs of Cali’s medical care and the birth of her surviving kitten. These life-saving measures taken by the amazing veterinarians at FCNMHP happen every day, thanks to the generosity of donors and partners.

Cali the Cat

Cali is now at home with Ms. Miller resting in her own special bed made just for her recovery. Cali’s kitten is being fostered by an FCNMHP vet tech and will be reunited with her mom when she’s strong enough.

Read more about our special partnership with FCNMHP here. We wish Ms. Miller and everyone a happy National Pet Day!

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