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Meet Turner Pest Control’s Sister Anticimex Companies

May 28, 2020   |   News

When Turner Pest Control became part of the Anticimex family of companies in 2018, it not only allowed us to bring new, innovative pest control services to our customers—it also connected us to a group of sister companies around the country that share our commitment to healthier, safer communities.

Our Sister Companies

We’re proud to be one of just seven Anticimex pest control companies in the U.S. Each of these companies provide the same level of effective, environmentally focused service that our customers receive:

If you are currently a Turner Pest Control customer and your new residence or vacation home isn’t covered within our service area, any of our sister companies can provide the same effective and environmentally conscious pest control services you’re accustomed to with us.

Anticimex: Modern Pest Control

Anticimex may be relatively new to the U.S., but it’s well-known around the world for revolutionizing pest control. Established in 1934, Anticimex has more than 7,000 employees worldwide and serves millions of residential and commercial customers in 17 countries. It leads the industry with a unique approach that uses sustainable solutions, new technologies, and prevention strategies to constantly reinvent pest control. 

Benefits of Being an Anticimex Company Customer

Our customers, and those of our sister companies, have access to revolutionary pest control technology, including Anticimex SMART, a service we offer to both our residential and commercial customers. 

Anticimex SMART is a digital, high-tech solution for rodent control that’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and completely free of pesticides. SMART is unlike any other rodent control system on the market in the U.S.—it monitors activity 24/7, instantly reacts, and prevents infestations that can be costly to eradicate. 

As with every Anticimex pest control company, Turner Pest Control’s expert, professional technicians are ready to provide the most innovative, safe, and powerful pest control treatments to meet your needs. If you have any questions about Anticimex SMART or any of our residential or commercial pest control services, please get in touch!

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