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Commercial Fly Light Leasing Program

March 14, 2024   |   Pest Control


Fly lights are an essential tool for any commercial business. Unlike other pests, filth flies and other flying insects are not easily eradicated by baits and insecticides. This is because of their ability to fly, which can make them more difficult to track, and because most flying insects proliferate due to environmental factors that we like to call conducive conditions.

For example, if you own a restaurant near a body of standing fresh water like a pond or lake, you’re right next door to stellar breeding grounds. You can’t change that, but we can help you keep flying insects under control and customers happy as a result.

Of course, restaurants are not the only commercial businesses that find themselves with flying insects. We’ve seen and treated for them just about everywhere…warehouses, healthcare facilities, schools, and more.

Our fly lights are equipped with glue boards and can be outfitted with sensors. We’re able to verify the volume of flying insects as well as the type, which assists with developing additional treatment strategies including addressing conducive conditions.

With our fly light leasing program, you get all the benefits of fly lights with none of the cleanup or hassle. Our team conducts monthly audits, applies bait when our findings indicate a need for it. We will also clean the system and conduct any maintenance repairs if needed. We have a variety of fly lights to choose from, with some designed to be visible and unoffensive to consumers who visit your commercial property.

You can learn more about our commercial service offerings here, call our office at (800)225-5305, or schedule a free inspection online.

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