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What You Need to Know About Florida Fruit Flies

August 30, 2022   |   Pest Control

The Sunshine State offers a bounty of fruits and vegetables, which means fruit flies in Florida can become a nuisance to many home or business owners. These tiny little pests are one of the most common in households and food-based businesses throughout the country. Wherever food is left to rot, fruit flies are bound to be found. If you’re dealing with an infestation of fruit flies, it’s important to know how they operate, what’s attracting them, and, most importantly, how to get rid of them.

About Fruit Flies

Fruit flies get their name from their preference for some fruits, but will truly make a feast of any rotting produce. They are common in homes, grocery stores, restaurants, or anywhere food rots and ferments. These tiny bugs are about ⅛ inch long, tan in the front, and black in the back. They have six legs, wings, and antennae. They lay eggs near the surface of rotting foods or other moist, organic material and can often leave bacteria behind. Florida fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs in one instance and larvae feed on the surface of the produce. As the lifecycle is just about a week long, these tiny pests can become a big problem very quickly if given the opportunity.

Fruit flies in Florida and beyond are attracted to ripe vegetables and fruits left out in the open but can also breed in drains, trash cans, garbage disposals, and even mops. They only need a thin film of fermenting material to take residence. Fruit flies can gain access to your home through poorly screened doors and windows and begin breeding immediately.

They particularly enjoy rotting bananas, potatoes, onions, and other unrefrigerated produce purchased at a supermarket. They can also make their way into your home on produce brought in from the garden like tomatoes, squash, grapes, and more.

Ways to Prevent Fruit Flies

Preventing fruit flies in Florida starts with being diligent about rotting foods in your home but that’s not the only thing that can help keep them at bay. Here are some things you can do to prevent fruit flies from invading your Florida home.

One thing that fruit flies truly thrive on is humidity and, of course, Florida has plenty of that. Invest in a dehumidifier or simply keep the air conditioner running. Reducing the humidity in the kitchen, and throughout your home, gives fruit flies less of a chance of thriving.

  • Keep your garbage covered and taken out regularly.
  • Keep compost piles or containers sealed.
  • Regularly drain the garbage disposal or any other appliance that can hold standing water.
  • Clean up spills immediately and thoroughly in the kitchen and be sure to discard any rotting food.
  • Ensure your windows and doors have tight-fitting mesh screens to prevent fruit flies from getting in.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is another way to prevent an infestation of Florida fruit flies. Simply keeping a regular schedule of cleaning and disinfecting will go a long way in protecting your home from a nasty infestation of these tiny nuisances.

Dealing With an Infestation

While fruit flies in Florida may not be damaging to your property or your person, they’re an annoyance that you don’t have to deal with. Sometimes even the best prevention can’t truly stop an infestation from happening. Once fruit flies have taken hold of your home, it can be very challenging to get them out. Unless all breeding sites are removed or cleaned thoroughly, they will continue to multiply even if you think you’ve gotten the upper hand. Finding where fruit flies are breeding can be very challenging – especially if there are multiple places throughout the home or business.

Bringing in professionals like those at Turner Pest Control can often be the best course of action against Florida fruit flies. We’ll evaluate the problem and help eliminate these tiny pests so you can once again enjoy your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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