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Bought a house? We have your new homeowner checklist

July 13, 2021   |   Pest Control

Family moving and unpacking boxes

You bought a new house and congratulations are in order!

It’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You sealed the deal but there’s a hefty to-do list between you and officially settling into your new home. Turner Pest Control has been helping our neighbors for over 50 years and we’re here for you, too. We work with homeowners all over Florida, so we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to first-time homeownership or simply adjusting to a new home.

We put together a checklist to help you get everything you need to do done before the housewarming party. From pre-move preparations to moving day, we have the guiding list to keep you on track. Make sure you’re prepared no matter what comes your way as you move into the new place.

New Homeowner Checklist

From organizing important documents, preparing for emergencies, and packing night-one necessities separately from what you give the movers, the whole process can take much longer than anticipated. That’s why we recommend starting early and accepting help when your community, friends, and family offer it.

When it comes to pest control, you already know we believe it’s important. The last thing you want is to get settled into your new home and realize some uninvited guests found their way in. Whether it’s your termite warranty or general pest control, we’ve got you covered. Once you move in, we want you to enjoy your new space without being worried about unwanted roommates.

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