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Our subtropical climate makes Sanford enjoyable year-round, but it also makes our area the perfect home for all types of Florida pests. Fortunately, the pest control experts at Turner Pest Control offer flexible plans that fit your needs at a great price.

Whether you’re bugged by roaches, ants, bed bugs, termites, or other pests, we can meet your immediate needs and provide regular, comprehensive services that keep your home pest-free indoors and outdoors.

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Every customer’s needs are different, so we offer a full range of plans and services to fit every type and size of home. You never pay too much for our expert pest control services, because we calculate the price of your services according to the square footage of your home or yard. From ongoing, recurring service to protect your home to one-time visits to take care of a tough problem, Turner Pest Control is your one-stop solution.

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Sanford TurnerGuard All-in-One Protection

This full-service program is the first choice of many Turner Pest Control Sanford customers who want one-stop pest control for their homes. It offers total protection with no excluded pests.

Providing more coverage than any other pest control plan in the industry, SMART TurnerGuard gives you all-in-one protection against termites, bed bugs, roaches, ants, snakes, and all other everyday pests. This valuable service begins with an initial fixed price, then you’ll pay an affordable monthly fee that’s based on the size of your home. There are no exclusions in fine print or any hidden costs, and you will never have to pay for another termite treatment again.



Interior pest control services: Our highly trained, friendly technicians inspect your home and property, learn about your specific needs, and develop a customized pest control plan. We have environmentally friendly treatments and an optional organic pest control program for your peace of mind.

Termite control: We also offer expert termite control, using the latest, most effective techniques and products. Our complete termite extermination services include control of Formosan, drywood, and Eastern subterranean termites.

Lawn and outdoor services: Lawns can thrive every month of the year in Sanford, so pests can be an ongoing threat. To keep your outdoor spaces free of pests, we have a complete range of lawn and outdoor services, including weed management, turf optimization treatments, fertilizer treatments, fungus management, and more. Optional shrub fertilization, disease control, and fire ant services are also available.

Mosquito control: Nothing can ruin a summer evening in the backyard faster than a mosquito invasion. They’re also a health threat, carrying dangerous diseases from the West Nile virus to the Zika virus. Our recurring service, which you can pause during cooler weather, keeps your yard mosquito-free, and we even offer a one-time service to let you enjoy a special event.

Bed bug treatments: No matter how neat you are or how clean you keep your home, bed bugs can find their way in. As soon as you see one bed bug, give Turner Pest Control a call. We’ll be there with the products and expertise needed to eradicate the problem.

Rodent control: Rats and mice multiply quickly, so it’s important to act promptly when you spot a rodent on your property. We offer thorough inspections to determine the entry points rats and mice use to get into your home, and develop a customized rodent control plan to meet your specific needs.