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All About Palmetto Bugs

June 16, 2015   |   Pests

palmetto bug pest control FloridaThere are several species of roaches that have come to be called “palmetto bugs,” but the American cockroach is usually the species to which this term refers. Whatever you choose to call them, Floridians are all too familiar with these pests.

While these huge, winged creatures are certainly not desirable to have around, the good news is that palmetto bugs don’t sting or bite like so many of our Florida pests, and a good pest control plan for your Jacksonville home or business can keep their numbers down.

Palmetto Bugs in Jacksonville

Palmetto bugs love warm climates, especially those along the coast. They are, unfortunately, an inescapable part of Jacksonville living because we have the perfect weather conditions for bugs like these. If you’re in Northeast Florida, you’re probably not too far away from at least one of these roaches.

Deterring Palmetto Bugs Around Your Home

There are two basic things palmetto bugs are searching for when they find their way into your home (and it is not to terrorize you or scare you to death). They are looking for water and warmth. One easy way to reduce the chances of these bugs coming in is to keep your home dry and make sure you take care of leaky, drippy pipes. Also seal off holes and gaps in walls and doorways so there is no easy access from the outside. Keep your home clean and do not leave food out — human food and pet food alike can attract roaches of all kinds if they wander in. You can also plant certain plants and flowers around your home that insects don’t like, make sure you avoid using mulch too close to your house, and keep hedges, shrubs, and plants trimmed back so you don’t give the bugs a place to live right near your home.

How to Kill These Pests

Seeing a palmetto bug can be enough to send some people into a panic attack. If they keep coming into your home despite your efforts to keep them at bay, you can easily sweep or vacuum them up and throw them out if you see one scurrying along the wall or baseboard. You can also put out bait traps, but make very sure you put them where children and pets cannot get to them.

Boric acid dust and tobacco juice may work against palmetto bugs, but must be applied carefully as they are also dangerous to humans and pets. Never use any toxins in areas where children or pets may find it. A safer alternative is to use a mix of vinegar and water — it may help kill the bugs but is safe for people and animals.

When to Call The Professionals

If you frequently see palmetto bugs, it’s very likely that there are many, many more that you don’t see. To keep these abundant roaches under control, Turner Pest Control offers several flexible and affordable pest control plans. We treat entry points inside, protect your home outside, and guarantee your satisfaction. For fast results and long-term protection, contact us today!

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