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Spooked by Fall Pests? We Treat, No Tricks!

October 28, 2015   |   Pests

Florida fall pestsIf you find that Florida’s fall pests are making themselves at home while your attention is on little ghosts and goblins, you’re not alone. When temperatures begin to fall, some insects and other pests move indoors to find water and food, so you may notice your indoor pest population going up.

Fall pest-proofing tips

You can help prevent pests from coming in by taking care of a few tasks around your home:

  • Seal gaps and spaces. Even the tiniest holes and crevices give pests an invitation into your house. Some rodents, such as mice, only need a dime-sized space for entry, while spiders can come through even smaller spaces. You’ll have to do a close inspection of your home’s foundation and exterior walls, windows and doors, but it’s worthwhile.
  • Clear areas closest to your house. Vegetation that’s steadily grown up around your house all spring and summer gives pests a perfect bridge to indoor living. Do a check for plants, grasses, weeds or branches that touch your house.
  • Relocate firewood. It’s convenient to keep that stack of wood close to your door so you can just dash out to grab some on a frigid night, but a great many pests make their homes in piles of dead wood. To help keep termites and rodents away, move firewood well away from the house.
  • Inspect your eaves. Wasps, spiders and other critters take advantage of the protection that eaves and overhangs give them for their nests, hives and webs. Check rain gutters, too.
  • Don’t forget the chimney. Close your flue when you’re not using your fireplace and use a chimney cap to keep larger pests, such as nuisance wildlife, from dropping in unexpectedly.

Choose comprehensive pest control for your peace of mind
Now’s the time for fall pest prevention, but remember that any time of year is the right to time to keep an eye out for carpenter ants and termites, since they can do so much costly damage to your home. For the best protection, we offer SMART TurnerGuard, our complete coverage plan. It’s a great value, starting at an initial, affordable fixed price, and there are no hidden costs or exclusions. Get in touch to learn more about our all-in-one, year-round protection plan.

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