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Get Rid of Rodents in Your Home the Digital Way

September 27, 2021   |   Rodents

People in many places around the world have been benefiting from smart pest control technology, a highly effective solution that’s both intelligent and environmentally friendly. Now, it’s come to North America and you can take advantage of the cutting-edge technology that prevents rodent and rat infestations from taking hold in your house.

Yes, Anticimex SMART is now available through Turner Pest Control. To talk about how you can add this to your traditional pest control program to protect your home, please contact us online.

Importance of Effective Rodent Control

Rodents and rats can carry plenty of dangerous diseases with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) listing dozens of them that can be spread either directly or indirectly. Plus, rodents can gnaw through structural parts of your home, causing plenty of damage, as well as through wires, which can trigger house fires.

To help keep your family healthy and safe, the CDC recommends that you seal up entry points into your home, clean up places where rodents can find food and shelter, and effectively take care of the rodents that have gotten inside. Anticimex SMART is the intelligent choice to get rid of current populations and to prevent any new infestations from having the chance to settle in your home.

Here are more specifics:

Smart Home Technologies

This kind of ultra-convenient technology allows people to manage functions of their homes remotely and automatically from HVAC settings to door locks and from lighting to entertainment equipment, security cameras, and much more. The technology involved in smart home management can be handled remotely from any place in the home as well as from other locations through the use of 4G/5G LTE.

The use of smart technology in homes began about 30 years ago with the idea that it could make the lives of older adults easier. So, through the 1990s, many “gerontechnology” ideas were introduced for that purpose. In the early 2000s, the use of smart technology expanded outside of its original intent and gradually became an affordable option.

Benefits of Game-Changing SMART Pest Control

People now use smart technologies throughout their homes and in their vehicles, so it was only a matter of time before someone built a better mousetrap that harnessed the power of intelligent technology. Anticimex + Turner’s SMART pest control gives you peace of mind, allowing you to store valuable belongings in your home without the fear of rodents setting in and damaging them.

This eco-friendly pest control technology has really taken anti-rodent home protection to the next level. On the job 24/7/365, this real-time monitoring technology protects your home from basement to attic without the need for you to lift a finger. Turner Pest Control will receive an alert from the SMART pest control technology if there is any reason for us to identify and address rodent or rat activity, allowing us to control their presence before it can become a problem.

Effective rodent control is so in demand by homeowners that the notion of building a better rat trap has become a catchphrase for inventiveness. Wondering how that happened?

Building a Better Mousetrap

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued more than 4,400 patents for new types of mousetrap, which makes this device the most frequently patented in our country’s history. But what about the phrase itself: about building a better mousetrap?

First, in the 19th century, American essayist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson said the following: “If a man has good corn or wood, or boards, or pigs, to sell, or can make better chairs or knives, crucibles or church organs, than anybody else, you will find a broad hard-beaten road to his house, though it be in the woods.”

By 1889, a much shorter version was incorrectly attributed to him—“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door”—and, even though Emerson didn’t say those precise words, this saying has come to represent true innovation.

Although it’s hard to imagine what Emerson would have thought about our game-changing, 21st century, environmentally friendly technology, we think he’d be impressed. He spoke often of the beauty of nature (“Lose yourself in nature and find peace”) and he praised nature’s efficiency (“Nature is no spendthrift, but takes the shortest way to her ends”). With Anticimex SMART technology, we can give you peace of mind in a highly efficient way!

The Anticimex SMART Solution

As the only fully intelligent rodent control solution available, this SMART technology takes the guesswork out of pest management around the clock. If a rodent gets into the house and triggers a sensor, our service technicians will receive a report without your needing to do anything, whether day or night. You don’t have to monitor traps or make a call.

This technology also has a predictive feature that lets us know where rodents are likely to congregate. This allows us to stay proactively ahead of the game in rodent control services as we detect trends, anticipate movement, and strategically place traps with pinpoint accuracy and 24/7 monitoring.

Your only job? To stop worrying about pests and live your life. We’re already on it. As a bonus, this same technology allows us to alert you if there are extreme temperature fluctuations in your home or water in the basement.

For the ultimate convenience and full pest protection, our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard plan includes our SMART digital rodent control system at no additional cost.

Did You Know

  • Unchecked rodent infestations can cost thousands of dollars in repairs and cleanup, over $10k in extreme cases. Can you imagine paying that much out of pocket for a rodent issue?
  • Up to 20% of all house fires are caused by rodents.
  • One mouse can produce 18,000 droppings each year. Imagine how much clean-up costs would be to get rid of the droppings & odor from an infestation!
  • One pair of mice could produce up to 5,000 offspring in one year! Picture the damage and smell that many mice could cause.
  • Rodents carry other pests, such as mites and fleas, into the home.
  • Saliva, droppings, and urine from rodents can spread disease. As these things make their way into the air, there’s a risk of breathing problems, such as asthma.
  • Rodents are known disease carriers, spreading gastroenteritis and leptospirosis among others.

Contact Turner Pest Control for Your Smart Pest Control Technology

We offer quality rodent control services as well as the Anticimex SMART pest control solution to foolproof the process of rodent control in your home and let you focus on your life without worrying about rodents. This environmentally-friendly solution is wirelessly connected to our private network for the ultimate in fast and accurate response. To find out more about this cutting-edge solution that’s the future of rodent prevention services and our comprehensive SMART TurnerGuard Termite, Pest, and Rodent Control plan, please contact us online.

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