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Learn About The Benefits of Revolutionary Digital Rodent Control

July 11, 2019   |   Rodents

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If you took part in our June webinar, you already know how groundbreaking digital automation combined with professional rodent control expertise can put an end to your rodent problems. If not, take a few minutes to watch the free webinar recording below to learn how Anticimex SMART technology protects schools, universities, hotels, restaurants and other organizations around the world.

In this recording, you’ll learn how this precise and effective digital pest control solution:

  • Provides remote monitoring of rodent activity 24/7
  • Automatically and wirelessly reports when activity is detected
  • Is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Allows our pest control experts to take immediate action to prevent an infestation before it starts
  • Keeps you in compliance with regulatory agencies

Watch the webinar recording, then get in touch with us to find out more about how Turner Pest Control and our Anticimex SMART technology can help you have a healthier, rodent-free campus that’s more attractive and more conducive to working and learning.

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