Turner Pest Control’s Marketing Success Featured by Google

Turner Pest Control Case Study

We recently had the unique honor of having Google prepare a case study featuring the success of our Google AdWords campaign. AdWords, which are paid online ads displayed when people use Google to search for a product or service, is part of our comprehensive marketing strategy and our continued growth. We use the latest digital marketing techniques, such as AdWords, to spread the word about our services and the special offers we extend to our customers to help them enjoy exceptional pest control at a great price.

The Google AdWords case study focuses on how we used paid search to gain new Jacksonville pest control customer leads while reducing the costs of each lead. Stacy McKinney, Turner’s Director of Marketing, worked closely with Jacksonville-based DAGMAR Marketing to rework our existing paid search campaigns and improve our organic search rankings.

As noted in the Google case study, McKinney says, “Our growth is the result of achievements across all aspects of our company, including our successful AdWords campaigns as part of our overall marketing strategy.”

To learn more about our AdWords performance, read the case study.


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