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Termite Awareness Week: Are You Inviting Termites In?

Warmer weather means it’s time for Florida residents to get ready for the annual visits from spring and summer guests. There are some “guests,” however, that you don’t want to invite for a stay: termites. These destructive pests will begin to swarm soon, and as they do, they may decide that your house is the…

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Local Man Hoping Strongly Worded Sanctions Will Solve Termite Problem

OCALA, FL – Fed up with termites devouring the infrastructure of his home at an increasingly rapid rate, Ocala native Josh McGriffith has decided to try a popular tactic in international politics to solve his infestation problem. “I’ve seen world leaders issue sanctions to solve their problems, so I figured why not give it a…

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Roach Pulls Off El Chapo-like Escape

TAMPA, FL – Scurrying through a flurry of flip-flops, kitchen utensils and what law officials believe to be the urn of a loved one, a local cockroach is still at large after managing to dodge all of local woman Lisa Donahue’s attempts to end its life. “One minute I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner, the…

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Save on Expert Termite Control Through February 28

termite control

Termites can do their damage year-round in Florida, but their most active season is about to begin. To help you get ready for peak termite activity and make our affordable termite control services an even greater value, sign up by February 28 for new termite service and save $100 on one of our comprehensive termite…

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Are Termites Active in Winter?

termites active in winter

Some Orlando pests are less active in winter, but termites aren’t among them. They forage for food year-round and stay active when they’re in a relatively warm environment. Termite queens can continue laying eggs in every season and in some warmer places, you can even see swarms of termites in the wintertime. What termites do…

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Do You Need Pest Control in Winter Months?

It may seem that pest control isn’t necessary in winter months, but this is the time of year that several types of pests look for shelter, food and water indoors. Winter is also the time to check your lawn for pests and weeds, and apply pre-emergent weed control so that your yard will be in…

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Turner Pest Control Awards Spring 2019 Scholarship

We’re proud to announce that our $1,000 spring 2019 scholarship has been awarded to Jaya Manjunath, an outstanding student at St. Bonaventure University in St. Bonaventure, New York. This scholarship, offered to students who demonstrate their commitment to community service, recognizes Ms. Manjunath’s exceptional work in senior care. In her winning essay, Ms. Manjunath describes…

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Protect Your Home from a Holiday Rodent Infestation

professional rodent control

People aren’t the only ones who head indoors when temperatures fall during the holiday season. All types of pests—particularly rats and mice—want to keep warm, too, and your home is the best and most convenient place to do that. What can you do to protect your home and family from a winter rodent infestation? The…

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Are Rodents Chewing Your Wiring?

rodents chewing wiring

Rodents can carry diseases that pose a threat to people and pets, but did you know they can also damage your car? It’s true—rats and mice will gnaw on anything to sharpen their teeth, including the wiring in your car. Rodents chewing wiring can even be a problem in your home’s electrical system. If you…

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How to Recognize Florida Cockroaches

Florida cockroaches

When you head to the kitchen for a late-night snack and see cockroaches scurrying across your floor or counters, your first thought is probably not about what type of cockroach it is. There are, however, more than 70 species in the U.S., and as fall’s cooler temperatures approach with winter not far behind, there are…

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