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Protect Your Pets: How to Get Rid of Fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas

It’s terrible to see a beloved pet being tortured by fleas. Just a few bites can make your pet miserable night and day, and it gets even worse when you find them on yourself! Because fleas breed very quickly, it’s important to take action before a widespread infestation takes hold in your house. Read on…

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Turner Pest Control Acquires PestShield Termite & Pest Services

Turner Pest Control Acquires PestShield

Turner Pest Control, an Anticimex company providing comprehensive pest control services to residential and commercial clients in Florida and South Georgia, has acquired PestShield Termite & Pest Services. PestShield is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, serving customers from Tampa to Naples. Turner Pest Control is one of the fastest-growing companies in Florida and South Georgia, and…

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Help Your Lawn Tolerate Drought Conditions

There’s finally some rain in the forecast after a long stretch of unseasonably high temperatures in Northeast Florida, but the hottest months are still to come. This early scorcher and prolonged lack of rain means that lawns are stressed much earlier this year, which may make your turf even more vulnerable in the weeks ahead.…

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Springtime is Time for Ant Control

ant control

Ant control in our area can be a serious matter, since two types of these pests can cause damage to your home or an allergic reaction in response to a sting. Carpenter ants and fire ants can both become problems this time of year as the temperatures rise and heavy rains are more frequent. Learning…

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Brandon Pest Control Is Now a Part of Turner Pest Control

Turner Acquires Brandon Pest Control

We’re excited to announce that Brandon Pest Control is joining the Turner Pest Control team. As we combine these two world-class companies, we’re able to better serve all of our customers by having an increased reach and the ability to quickly respond to any service needs you may have. If you’re a former Brandon Pest…

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Termite Awareness Week: Are You Inviting Termites In?

Warmer weather means it’s time for Florida residents to get ready for the annual visits from spring and summer guests. There are some “guests,” however, that you don’t want to invite for a stay: termites. These destructive pests will begin to swarm soon, and as they do, they may decide that your house is the…

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Local Man Hoping Strongly Worded Sanctions Will Solve Termite Problem

OCALA, FL – Fed up with termites devouring the infrastructure of his home at an increasingly rapid rate, Ocala native Josh McGriffith has decided to try a popular tactic in international politics to solve his infestation problem. “I’ve seen world leaders issue sanctions to solve their problems, so I figured why not give it a…

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Roach Pulls Off El Chapo-like Escape

TAMPA, FL – Scurrying through a flurry of flip-flops, kitchen utensils and what law officials believe to be the urn of a loved one, a local cockroach is still at large after managing to dodge all of local woman Lisa Donahue’s attempts to end its life. “One minute I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner, the…

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Save on Expert Termite Control Through February 28

termite control

Termites can do their damage year-round in Florida, but their most active season is about to begin. To help you get ready for peak termite activity and make our affordable termite control services an even greater value, sign up by February 28 for new termite service and save $100 on one of our comprehensive termite…

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