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Here Come The Springtime Pests!

springtime pests

The weather is just about perfect for getting back to everything we love about the outdoors, except for one thing: those pesky insects! Florida pests are out and about, looking for food, water, shelter, and places to breed. At best, insects are annoying; at worst, they can be destructive to your property or even pose…

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Mosquito Problem? Why Aerial Spraying Isn’t Enough.

Hurricane Matthew, the Zika virus, and our humid climate — all of these factors have set up a perfect storm for heightened concern about the current mosquito invasion. Municipal and city governments are doing their part with aerial mosquito spraying that broadcasts insecticides over areas with the highest mosquito populations. That’s good news, but aerial…

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Prime Time For Mosquitoes Is Here

mosquito control

With mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus on the rise, these pests are no longer just an annoying nuisance. Now that temperatures in Florida are reaching into the 90s, it’s time to take extra precautions to control mosquitoes around your home. Don’t be attractive to mosquitoes To help protect yourself and your family from…

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Springtime Millipede Control

millipede control

Are you starting to notice a wormlike creature with a lot of legs crawling in or around your home? You may be seeing millipedes, a common pest that likes to take cover in damp, dark places. When outdoor conditions are unusually dry or wet, millipedes can inch their way indoors. This time of year, millipedes…

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Get The Facts on Weeds

lawn weed control

Our customers often have questions related to weeds, including asking about our treatment methods and the products we use. With weed season about to become very active, we’ve prepared this Q&A to give you more information. Why do I have weeds in my yard after the winter season? Your lawn may go dormant and thin…

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What to Know About The Zika Virus

mosquito-borne illness

Concern about the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus is increasing around the world. With warmer temperatures just a few weeks away here in Florida, it’s a good time to learn more about this threat and review the measures you can take to avoid mosquito bites. What is the Zika virus? The virus is a…

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Armyworms: A Fall Threat to Florida Lawns

Florida fall armyworm pest

As we move into fall, if your lawn has suddenly turned brown or grass has disappeared altogether, the armyworm could be to blame. Feeding on your grass, these pests are very destructive, laying their eggs on blades of grass and leaving destruction in their wake. While they cause the most harm to newly sodded or…

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Selling Your Home? Schedule a Pest Inspection First

Jacksonville pest control

The Jacksonville-area housing market has seen very positive gains in the first half of 2015, resulting in more homeowners considering putting their homes up for sale. If you’ve made the decision to take advantage of current market conditions and sell your home, your to-do list is sure to include making your property look its best…

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5 Mosquito Control Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Both annoying and potentially dangerous due to the number of serious diseases they carry, mosquitoes are an insect that no one wants to encounter. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to escape, especially during the upcoming wet, humid summer months. If you are tired of constantly swatting away mosquitoes but refuse to resign yourself to living…

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Lawn brown spots – How to treat your lawn brown spots?

You’ve done everything you can think of. You water daily—sometimes twice daily. You use yard feed, special seeds and nutrient baths. Your sprinkler is working overtime and sometimes you feel like you’ve spent more time thinking about the health of your yard than you have for yourself, and you are starting to really feel the…

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