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Avoid Pest Control Problems in Cooler Weather with Turner Pest Control

The weather in Florida is getting cooler.  Turner Pest Control wants to remind you that while this cooler weather may be a welcomed change for many homeowners, your routine pest control should not change. A common mistake homeowner’s will make is to assume that there is no need for pest control in the winter because…

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This Halloween, Ensure Only Fake Bats and Spiders Are in Your House

Bats, bees and spiders, oh my! While it’s certainly normal to see these creatures invade your front doorstep on Halloween in the form of candy treat seekers, the real ones are generally unwelcome pests no one wants in or around their homes. As we prepare to bid farewell to summer and welcome the fall, it’s…

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How to Know When to Hire a Pest Professional

Why Do-It-Yourself Measures Aren’t Always Enough When pests find their way indoors, homeowners are often tempted to try and control the problem on their own, but the truth is that most pests are better left to professionals. After all, pest professionals have the knowledge, tools and training to safely and properly eliminate pest infestations. “When…

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Integrated Pest Management: Pest Control Made Easy

  Small household pests are no small problem. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) warns families that cockroaches are a leading trigger of allergies and asthma attacks. The pests’ saliva, droppings and decomposing bodies contain allergen proteins known to trigger allergies and increase the severity of asthma symptoms, especially in children. Small rodents can chew…

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April is National Pest Management Month

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) celebrates April as National Pest Management Month, an observance that’s been taking place for more than 30 years to recognize the pest management industry for its commitment to the protection of public health and property from common household pests. “Whether it’s rodents, ants, termites, bed bugs or cockroaches, pest…

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Florida Pest Control Tips for Cooler Weather

The weather in Florida is getting cooler.  As a long-time Florida resident, I know many people look forward to the cooler temperatures.  Especially after a steamy summer, the cooler weather is a welcomed change. Even though the weather has changed, your routine pest control should not change. A common mistake homeowner’s will make is to…

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