Incredible Video from Turner Pest Control Highlights the Importance of Annual Termite Inspections in Florida.

See this picture of what looks like an ordinary doorframe to everyone except our trained termite inspector and then watch the video of what our termite inspector and the homeowner discovered when they removed this trim piece from the wall.

This video is unbelievable! Unfortunately it is not uncommon for professional pest control companies, such as, Turner Pest Control that have been serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, Palm Coast, Port Orange, Ocala and most of Florida for over 40 years.

It is unbelievable how much termite damage can go on unnoticed within your walls,” said Mark Slater, Turner Pest Control CEO.  “If you think this video looks bad, just think how much worse the damage would have been without the annual inspection.”

Living in Florida, there is no termite treatment that is 100% effective. Even if your home was pretreated during construction and it is only a few years old, there is always a risk in Florida. That’s why the annual inspection done by a professional is so important. While the homeowners never notice anything suspicious, our trained termite inspector identified signs of termite damage, uncovered this infestation that we were able to quickly treat and repair, reducing costly damage to the home.

If you have not had a termite inspection in the past 12 months or more, contact Turner Pest Control today to schedule a free inspection.


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