Water is important, but how much do you really need? In general, your lawn needs about one to one and a half inches of water per week to maintain color and active growth. A lawn submerged in water can easily be stressed and prone to diseases, insect problems and those darn weeds! We hate them too! Most lawns need watering twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour to avoid stress. Of course, follow those watering guidelines for you zip code! Being green is important too! Also, the first few warm days of summer does not automatically mean its time to water. In fact, allowing lawns to start under mild draught stress actually increases rooting.  If given a choice, water early in the day when lawns are normally wet from dew. Avoid mid-day evaporation. To help conserve water, mow your lawn at higher than normal height, limit traffic over the lawn, improve turf rooting, and control thatch compaction. This will keep your lawn healthy and dense.