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Get The Facts on Weeds

March 11, 2021   |   Lawn + Outdoor

lawn weed controlOur customers often have questions related to weeds, including asking about our treatment methods and the products we use. With weed season about to become very active, we’ve prepared this Q&A to give you more information.

Why do I have weeds in my yard after the winter season?

Your lawn may go dormant and thin back some during winter. When this happens, voids are created which allow weed seeds to germinate. This is normal this time of year.

Does fertilizer increase the weed population?

Yes — spring fertilizers can be absorbed by weeds during spring green-up services, which are provided from March through April. Weeds will uptake the same treatment that is applied to your lawn. Once the grass is healthy and growing, however, the number of weeds will be reduced.

Will weeds become resistant to your treatments?

It is possible for weeds to develop chemical resistance. As your lawn service provider, we assess each individual lawn and customize our treatments to prevent this resistance. Changing MOAs (modes of action) will ensure complete control.

Why do I see weeds around my fruit trees?

To help protect the life of fruit trees and vegetable gardens, our treatments are applied about three feet away from the plants’ drip lines. We use systemic herbicides (absorbed through the root system) by treating close to the base of the plant. If herbicides are applied too close to fruit trees or vegetables gardens, the plants could be severely harmed.

What can weed-and-feed products be used on?

These products are lawn fertilizers that also contain herbicides. They should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, and they should not be used every time we fertilize. Sometimes, the active ingredient in the weed-and-feed product will not be effective against the weed species present. Herbicides should be applied only when there are high numbers of weeds. These products should be used and timed very carefully.

What’s the best way to keep weeds out of my lawn?

Dense, vigorously growing turf is your best defense. A thick, healthy lawn keeps sunlight away from the soil where weed seeds are waiting to germinate, and allows less room for weeds to gain a foothold.

How can I keep my lawn healthy enough to reduce weed growth?

Keeping your lawn strong depends on proper watering and fertilization, controlling pests, and not mowing your lawn too low or too infrequently. Our lawn and outdoor services include all of the fertilization and pest control applications you need for year-round protection and beautification.

If you have questions we haven’t answered here, or would like to learn more about our affordable lawn services, please contact our team at 800-225-5305 or schedule a free inspection today!

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