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Lawn brown spots – How to treat your lawn brown spots?

April 24, 2014   |   Lawn + Outdoor

You’ve done everything you can think of. You water daily—sometimes twice daily. You use yard feed, special seeds and nutrient baths. Your sprinkler is working overtime and sometimes you feel like you’ve spent more time thinking about the health of your yard than you have for yourself, and you are starting to really feel the stress. Yet, there are oversized brown spots that are taking away from the plush green of the rest of your yard. Despite your best efforts, the brown spots do not dissipate.

There are a few reasons why your lawn may be developing brown spots. Before you move forward and start treating your lawn for any one of these specific reasons, it is best to contact a professional to make sure you 100% understand the cause of the damage. The reason for this is that there are many different reasons why brown spots can develop, from drought to disease to devastating pests. Treating the wrong issue can actually cause further damage to your lawn.

A professional lawn expert can tell you the difference between a pest issue and a watering or feeding issue. They can also judge how severe your issue is and help you find a treatment that works best for your property.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why brown spots may develop on your yard:

  • Chinch bugs: These are small little pests that eat the grass, taking the nutrients out of your lawn and causing it to die under your feet. As the grass dies, it will cause large brown spots to develop on your yard.
  • Urine: Does the neighbor’s dog keep relieving himself at the fire hydrant in front of your home? That could be why there is a brown spot there. Repeated contact with urine may cause grass to die, and will cause brown spots to develop.
  • Fungus: In some situations, brown spots can develop as a result of diseases like fungi. There is one form of fungi that causes brown patch disease, so called thanks to the over-sized brown spots that develop on the lawn.

Each of these issues can be treated a variety of different ways. Remember, never start throwing poison down without knowing what you are treating, and don’t assume that a brown spot means you have to re-sod. Contact a professional for a more clear understanding of what your best course of action may be.

To avoid lawn brown spots, contact Turner Pest Control and have their lawn professionals maintain your lawn’s health year ‘round.  Turner Pest Control’s lawn experts analyze and treat every lawn individually.  We can also take care of all your outdoor needs including lawn aeration, shrub treatments, fire ant elimination and mosquito control.

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