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Mulch Contributes to Termites

January 15, 2013   |   Lawn + Outdoor

While experts at the University of Florida debunk rumors about termites being spread via bags of landscape mulch bought at large chain stores, the research confirms that mulch can contribute to termite infestations in your home.  According to the experts, “We believe that mulch does contribute to termite infestations, but not because invasive species are spread with it. “

Mulch provides a thriving environment that attracts termites that are already established in the area by keeping the soil moist and temperatures moderate. Mulch that is spread too thick can also create a “bridge” over the termite treated perimeter, allowing termites to enter your home without contacting the soil treated with termiticides.

If you want to use mulch in your landscape, experts recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Keep mulch less than 2 inches thick
  • Keep mulch at least 12 inches away from your foundation
  • Avoid over watering next to the foundation
  • Maintain termite protection measures for your home using a licensed and reputable pest control company

Turner Pest Control has been protecting homes from termites for over 40 years.  We offer affordable, effective protection options for any budget and we stand behind our work.  Ask about our SMART TurnerGuard program for complete protection with no excluded pests and no termite retreat fees…EVER.

Click here to read the full research report from the University of Florida.  





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