MistAway Mosquito Service

Available ONLY in our Fort Myers and Sarasota service areas as of Summer 2023.


What if you could prevent mosquitoes from making your yard their home by having a mist service performed daily? Of course, having somebody come over every day to treat your yard might not be ideal for your personal life… but there’s an excellent solution here. MistAway is an installed misting system that takes the work and worry out of mosquito prevention in your yard.

MistAway uses an installed nozzle circuit around the perimeter of an outdoor space to spray a fine mist two to three times a day during dawn, dusk, and evening hours. The mists last about 45-60 seconds per session, so it’s easy to plan around.

The nozzles are installed and spaced to have about 10 feet between them. It’s set up on an automatic schedule and has a connected mobile application for you to use. If you’d like something a little simpler, it also comes with a remote control.

You might be asking: What makes MistAway different from other installed misting systems? And it’s a great question. Unlike other systems, MistAway has an agitator in the tank that keeps the contents consistently blended to avoid any settling of the insecticide. This is great because in other systems that do not have an agitator, there could be bacteria growth which can clog the filter.

MistAway prevents leaks that could occur in other systems if somebody accidentally clips a line or disturbs a nozzle. Its unique valve design isolates the misting nozzle circuit, preventing water or product waste. Plus, the intelligent system can alert us if the integrity of the circuit has been corrupted.

There is also an option to add a wind sensor to your system, which will check the wind speed for five minutes prior to the next scheduled mist cycle. If the wind is above a preselected speed, the system will skip that upcoming cycle and resume for the next.

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You can learn more about MistAway here.


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