Residential Mosquito Control Services in Orlando

Fight back against these biting, disease-carrying pests with our professional services.

Because Orlando temperatures are warm most of the year, our city is an ideal breeding ground for more than 80 different types of mosquitoes. This is a problem for many reasons, including that mosquito swarms are a nuisance that drive you indoors. Even more importantly, though, is that they can be dangerous to your health – and that of your family. They bite and often carry disease, including Zika virus and West Nile virus. So fight back with affordable mosquito extermination services from Turner Pest Control.

New low pricing: New customers get your first treatment starting at just $39.

You might wonder why we’re offering such low pricing on your initial mosquito control treatment. Well, it’s because it’s very important to keep the population of this pest in your yard under control, so we want to get you started, ASAP. Use our infographic to the right to recognize where mosquitoes commonly breed. Then, to help ensure the effectiveness of our treatment, keep those areas free of standing water.

You’ll never pay too much for protection with our mosquito treatment plan!

We will customize your annual plan, including the pricing, to your specific needs. This includes the size of your yard. And, even though Orlando is warm most of the year, we can pause your service if it isn’t necessary during the coldest months of the winter.

Be proactive: Choose our mosquito treatment program to protect family and pets alike.

Our monthly professional pest control service is key. First, our professional technician assesses what you need and recommends the customized treatment plan that makes good sense for you. Next, we carefully apply the best treatments available for your home and/or business. This includes fast-acting, long-lasting barrier sprays.

Are you having a special event and are worried that mosquitoes will interfere? Besides our regular monthly mosquito control service, you can also choose a one-time treatment, priced just right, to help ensure that your big day is mosquito-free.

Special offer for current customers: Sign up for annual service and benefit from a FREE mosquito treatment.

It would be nice if we only had to deal with mosquitoes. But, Orlando’s warm temperatures are enticing to a wide range of pests. In response, we offer comprehensive pest control services, for indoors and outdoors, including bed bug treatments, termite control and much more.

And, remember that, if you are currently a customer with another service with Turner Pest Control, you can sign an annual plan for mosquito control – and the first treatment is absolutely free. Discover more about our comprehensive residential pest control services today.

Don’t delay! Take back your yard. Start your service now and save.

Get peace of mind today! Our friendly, professional technicians are ready to get started, whether you currently have a mosquito problem or are ready to sign up for the annual treatment plan.

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Mosquito Control Pricing

Square Footage First Treatment Monthly Special Event
Up to 2000 square feet $39 $49.99 $125
2001 – 4000 square feet $49 $59.99 $150
4001 – 8000 square feet $59 $69.99 $175
8001 + square feet Call Manager Call Manager Call Manager

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