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How to Choose the Best Exterminator in Jacksonville

September 16, 2021   |   Community Support

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shares how you should pick a pest control company in the same way that you would any other vendor you need. At a high level, this involves doing your research, comparing each company’s costs and competencies, and then making your decision based upon the quality and value that each one provides.

They add that you shouldn’t simply look at cost as the determining factor. That’s because “If pesticides are misused, both health and property can be damaged,” making competencies and the quality and value of service provided key elements in making your choice.

If you’re in need of a free home inspection and no-obligation quote now, please contact us online. For more information about how to find the best pest control in Jacksonville, FL, you can find the info you need in this post.

Selecting Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

To find the right exterminator in Jacksonville, you can create a list of reasonable possibilities and then narrow it down until you have exactly the right one for your needs. Here are ten steps you can take.

Step #1 Ask for Local Pest Control Recommendations

If you have friends, family members, and coworkers who have used a pest control company in the area where you live or work, ask them who they used and how satisfied they were with the quality and value of service. Create a list of companies with positive recommendations and consider starring ones that have received kudos from more than one person in your personal/work network.

Then, you can narrow the list down from there.

Step #2 Review Big Picture Items

First, make sure that the company you’re considering offers the services you need. If you have pest problems in your Jacksonville home, you’ll need a company that offers quality residential pest control. For your Jacksonville business, look for a company that provides commercial pest control. Plenty of companies, including Turner Pest Control, offer both—but be sure to check.

More specifically, ensure that a company tackles the pests that are currently causing problems for you. These can range from bed bugs to mosquitoes, and termite treatment to rodent control in Jacksonville, FL, or another kind of pest. What matters is that you find the pest control company that provides the services you need. Because so many pests live in Florida, it makes sense to choose a company that can take care of a broad spectrum of pest-related problems, including ones that you don’t have now but may experience later.

Also check the company’s service area to make sure that your geography is covered.

Step #3 Check Their Experience, Licenses, and Certifications

Next, you want to ensure that the company you choose is experienced in pest control (Turner Pest Control has served the Jacksonville area now for more than 50 years) with the necessary licenses and certifications. Ask them or use their website to see how long they’ve been in business and check for credentials. You can verify licensure and certifications by calling the relevant state department of agriculture.

Turner is one of the fastest growing companies in Florida, ranking in the country’s top 100 pest control companies. Plus, we earned the QualityPro Certification, a distinction that fewer than three percent of pest control providers in the United States have done. This designation, awarded by the National Pest Management Association, lets you know that you’re receiving quality services from a provider with proven excellence.

The QualityPro certification is built on four principles: Business Operations, Consumer Relations, Environmental Stewardship, and Technician Training. This designation symbolizes our commitment to protecting our customers, people, and environment—and, phrased another way, demonstrates that we possess the competencies, quality, and value that the EPA emphasizes.

Step #4 Check for Complaints

You can check online reviews for the company at Google Reviews, Yelp, and so forth. Interestingly enough, if all of the reviews are positive, glowing with praise, this can actually be a red flag, indicating that these may be paid or incentivized reviews. A pest control company that has positive (but not perfect) reviews is more likely to have ones that indicate customers’ genuine opinions and experiences.

If you want to verify that the company does not misuse pesticides, you can contact the Better Business Bureau, the EPA, or the relevant state’s department of agriculture or attorney general’s office.

Step #5 Look at Testimonials and Ask for References

Read customer testimonials on the website and, if a company that offers pest control in Jacksonville, FL is now on your short list of ones to consider, ask for references. If a company doesn’t follow up on that request, that can be a red flag.

Step #6 Explore Eco-Friendly Options

If environmentally friendly options matter to you, then make sure that the company offering pest control in Jacksonville, FL values that, too. As part of earning the QualityPro designation, Turner needed to demonstrate environmental stewardship in the products and services we provide.

Step #7 Consider the Cost

Near the beginning of this post, we noted EPA’s position that simply choosing the cheapest pest control option isn’t enough. Competency, quality, and value are also core elements of selecting an exterminator in Jacksonville. After going through the first six steps, though, and eliminating companies that didn’t meet your needs and expectations, it can now make sense to determine which of the quality options also offer affordable programs that fit your budget. At Turner, we recognize that everyone’s needs and budgets are different, so we develop customized plans that fit them.

Using the mosquito control program as an example, we create a plan that’s right for your yard and then base the price on its square footage. That way, nobody pays for more than what’s needed for effective service. Plus, at Turner, there are never any complicated contracts and there are no cancellation fees.

Step #8 Factor in Customer Service

As you ask for recommendations from friends and family members and read online reviews, see what people say about an exterminator in Jacksonville’s level of customer service. How respectfully do they treat their customers?

We only use professional, trained technicians who must pass stringent background checks. We know how busy your schedule can be, so we arrive at your appointment on time and then provide prompt and courteous service.

Step #9 Can You Get A Free Inspection and Quote—and a Written Estimate?

When you have a pest problem and aren’t sure what the specifics are, look for a company that will come to your home or business to find and identify the critters that are causing you problems at no charge. Then, make sure you get an estimate in writing that makes it clear what services they’ll provide at what dollar amount.

You can get a free inspection and quote at Turner, along with a clear and specific written estimate.

Also make sure that the technician explains the problem clearly to you and takes the time to answer your questions.

Step #10 Consider What Else Matters to You

After reviewing the nine steps listed here, think about what else matters to you when it comes to hiring a company that provides pest control in Jacksonville, FL. For example, you may also want lawn and outdoor services to beautify your yard through fertilization, weed management, fungus control, and more. Perhaps you’ve got problems with moles, armadillos, or fire ants. If these services are of value to you, compare what each pest control company offers.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the latest in rodent control in Jacksonville, FL: Anticimex SMART, the intelligent monitoring solution for rats and mice. This service is only available through companies on the Anticimex platform, such as Turner Pest Control, and provides a wireless solution for today’s rodent problem while also predicting and preventing future infestations. This all-inclusive solution includes 24/7/365 digital monitoring for the ultimate in unprecedented protection.

No matter the specifics, consider what else is important in the exterminators in Jacksonville that you’ll choose to help protect your health and that of your family as well as your home and property.

Best Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL: Choose Turner

Our company offers quality and value with a broad range of competencies in services that are available at an affordable cost to you. We provide both residential and commercial services, tackling the types of pests that cause problems in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

We carefully train our technicians and run stringent background checks on each one. We have all of the licenses and certifications we need, going above and beyond to become QualityPro Certified. Turner Pest Control offers free inspections and quotes and written estimates, along with second-to-none customer service. If you have any questions, just ask! We’re here to tackle your toughest pest challenges and to offer the best pest control in Jacksonville, FL. Please contact us today to get started.

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