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Ouch! North Florida’s Stinging Insects

August 17, 2015   |   Pests

stinging insectsIf you’re new to the Jacksonville or North Florida area, welcome to our sunny climate, friendly people and, unfortunately, a rather large population of stinging insects. While some don’t require professional pest control, most of them do pose some risk. For most of us, a sting is just painful, but for those with insect allergies, it can be deadly. Children and pets are particularly at risk.

Never try to take care of wasps’, hornets’, or yellow jackets’ nests yourself. Only a professional can accurately estimate the size of a nest and know how to stop them before they can attack. Many types of stinging insects build their nests in hidden areas, even underground.

Where stinging insects are found

Stinging insects can hide almost anywhere. Wasps and hornets live in trees, as well as holes in the ground, attics, and even walls. Yellow jackets are the opposite; they prefer to be underground, but will sometimes move into houses, garages, sheds and other enclosed structures.

All of these different locations can make figuring out how large a nest is very difficult. Not knowing that can put you in danger if you try to deal with it yourself.

Identifying wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets

A pest control professional can identify these insects, know where to look for their hiding places, and know the best products to use to exterminate them. Many over-the-counter insecticides don’t work on every insect or at every stage of their development. This can lead to wasted time, money, and some very angry and dangerous insects.

The lifecycle problem

One of the most important reasons to involve a pest control expert is that we are able to destroy stinging insects at every stage of their life cycle. Homeowners may only be able to eliminate the pests that they can see as they fly, but professionals can eliminate the insects that are still in the egg or larva stage. A professional will also be able to decide the best way to kill these insects quickly and completely. If extermination isn’t thorough, even a few insects can reestablish a colony or nest in a matter of days.

Contact Turner Pest Control today

The safe removal of stinging insect nests and colonies requires special equipment and experience. Our technicians are skilled in identifying, locating and exterminating stinging and biting pests, so if you suspect you have a problem, call us today at 800-225-5305.

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