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How to Deal with Silverfish Infestations Like a Pro

November 29, 2023   |   Pests

graphic of silverfish

Silverfish, those elusive and unwelcome pests, can turn your living spaces into their haven if left unchecked. Discovering silverfish in your living spaces can be unsettling but fear not – with the right knowledge and proactive measures, you can regain control. Let’s delve into the world of silverfish and discover pro tips for eliminating these critters from your home.


Understanding Silverfish

Silverfish may be small, but their presence can have a big impact on your living environment. Silverfish prefer dark, damp areas. They easily damage paper, clothing, and other starchy materials, so it’s no surprise they’re often found in libraries, museums, bookstores, and anywhere you might find a sizable volume of paper. Silverfish are also found outdoors, but they don’t tend to bother anyone there.


Identifying a Silverfish Infestation

To tackle silverfish like a seasoned professional, it’s crucial to recognize the signs of an infestation early on. Some key indicators are more obvious, such as small, silver-colored insects scurrying away when you turn on a light. Others are a bit more subtle, like the presence of tiny, irregular holes in paper or fabric. Keep an eye out for signs of silverfish munching on your belongings.

The University of Florida IFAS describes these nuisance pests as teardrop-shaped with three long bristles at the rear. They’re silver or gray and covered in little scales, which have been described as resembling fish scales. This is where their name comes from. Silverfish are nocturnal and therefore rarely spotted; however, if you accidentally disturb their dwelling, you’ll see a lot of them!


Proactive Measures for Silverfish Control

A key step to combat silverfish is reducing humidity in your home. Consider using a dehumidifier in particularly damp areas of your home such as the mudroom or bathroom. Moisture in general will be your main target. You’ll also need to find and fix any leaks. It’s also advisable to store important documents and other paper goods inside of plastic storage containers that silverfish cannot get into.

The University of Florida IFAS recommends integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, combining cultural, physical, and chemical control methods for a comprehensive approach to silverfish elimination. We agree and utilize an IPM approach in all our services.


Conquer Silverfish with Expert Tactics

Dealing with silverfish like a pro requires knowledge, vigilance, and a strategic approach. Don’t let silverfish undermine your peace of mind.

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