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The Termite Swarmers Have Arrived!

February 12, 2019   |   Termite

termite control

Termites can do their damage year-round in Florida, but their most active season is about to begin. To help you get ready for peak termite activity and make our affordable termite control services an even greater value, sign up by March 13 for new termite service and save $100 on one of our comprehensive termite treatments, including Termidor, Premise, Altriset or our Termidor HP High-Precision Injection System.

Here’s more about how each of these services can help protect your home from the costly damage that Florida termites can do, and what you can do to keep them away.

Turner Pest Control’s termite control services.

Can termite extermination services be safe, green and get the job done? They can with Turner Pest Control! Here’s how:

Maximum applications

Some pest control providers only meet minimum specifications for treatment, which may not be enough for customers whose homes are particularly vulnerable to termite damage.  At Turner Pest Control, we do things differently—our technicians treat your home with the maximum application allowed.

Thorough coverage

Our entomologists and technicians know termites: Where they hide, how they come in, and how to exterminate them. We do an extensive inspection of your home and develop a treatment plan that’s customized to your specific needs.

Our technicians will apply a complete perimeter treatment and treat under patios, in the seams where slabs join, inside concrete blocks, behind brick, in bath traps, and where pipes and other utilities give termites an entry point into your home. We also provide treatments that stop termites before they have a chance to come into your home.

Your choice of treatment

You can choose from three types of termite treatments:

  • Our effective and economic Premise treatment
  • Termidor termiticide for wider and long-lasting protection
  • Our environmentally friendly Altriset solution

Don’t forget: If you’re a new termite service customer, you can save $100 when you sign up by March 13.

Termidor HP: The Ultimate Termite Treatment

The Termidor HP High-Precision Injection System treats the toughest termite problems without the disruption that trenching and rodding methods cause to landscapes or hardscapes in your yard. It allows for extremely precise applications of the industry’s leading liquid termite product. This video shows how this revolutionary termite treatment protects your home and the appearance of your property:

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year.

Termites don’t limit their diets to the wood in your home’s framework: They will eat anything that has cellulose in it, including drywall and paper (such as the paper that covers some kinds of wall and attic insulation). Termites will destroy flooring, furniture and more, and can do thousands of dollars in damage before you even spot visible signs of their presence. Remember that even homes constructed with brick or cinder block exteriors are likely to have wood in wall studs, floor joists, and rafters that can be attacked by termites.

New studies show that termites can also pose another type of threat to homeowners by weakening trees that can fall during hurricanes. Having your property inspected before the June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season can help you avoid this type of damage.

While it would take a single termite a very long time to do much damage, termites live in colonies that may have hundreds of thousands or even millions of members, and they eat 24/7. For a startling look at the power of these destructive insects, researchers at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) built what they called the “Tiny Termite House,” a small but complete house that used all of the materials and methods with which modern homes are constructed. The researchers introduced a colony of subterranean termites, then recorded the termites’ destruction. Amazingly, while the house’s interior was being damaged, the exterior showed no signs of a termite problem. Here’s the video from the NPMA:

Types of termites in our area.

As the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) points out, there are three principal types of termites in our state:

  • Subterranean, which nest in soil
  • Drywood, which infest dry wood
  • Dampwood, which infest wood where moisture is present

Of major concern in Jacksonville is the Formosan subterranean termite, the most destructive termites in the country. Formosan termites live in very large colonies, which makes them especially threatening since they can do extensive damage in less time than other species. Turner Pest Control’s experts have contributed to a City of Jacksonville task force that was formed to address the serious threat that Formosan termites pose to property here.

Keep in mind that the different types of termites each require a different control method. Determining which species you have simply by examining a single termite is next to impossible for anyone other than an experienced pest control technician. If you suspect a termite problem in your home, contact our termite extermination experts for proper identification and the recommended treatment method.

Steps you can take to prevent termite problems.

One of the most important things you can do to reduce the chances that you’ll have a termite invasion is eliminating moisture in and around your home. (This can also help reduce problems with wood-destroying beetles and fungi.) You should also take these steps to make your home and property less attractive to these destructive pests:

  • Keep anything containing cellulose away from the walls and foundations, such as wood mulch in your landscaping.
  • Stack firewood well away from any structure on your property and keep it several inches off the ground.
  • Regularly clean leaves and debris out of your gutters, since standing water can make your home’s insulation more vulnerable to termite problems.
  • Repair outdoor faucet leaks, roof leaks, and interior pipe leaks as soon as you spot them. Also turn off faucets that have nozzle or sprayer attachments to prevent drips.

Don’t let these special savings get away!

Early spring is the best time to get ahead of termite problems. Contact Turner Pest Control online or call us at 904-355-5300 now to schedule a free quote and $100 off on our comprehensive termite control services!

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