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Tampa Termite Treatment Saves a Nonprofit Organization $75,000

June 29, 2020   |   Termite

tampa termite treatment

Bingham’s Professional Pest Management, a division of Turner Pest Control that’s provided expert pest control services to Southwest Florida for more than 50 years, has a unique termite fumigation technique that saved a Tampa nonprofit more than $75,000. 

About six months ago, Facilities Manager Orlando Garcia spotted signs of drywood termites near the front desk of the Jewish Community Center (JCC). He tried spot treatments for a few months, but the termites kept returning.

“We decided we needed to do a fumigation to get them all for good,” Garcia said.

“Tape-and seal” process saves time and money.

A request for proposals brought in quotes from four different pest control companies. Bingham’s offered the JCC a special fumigation technique called “tape-and-seal,” which wouldn’t require covering the organization’s entire three-story, 110,000-square-foot building in tarpaulin as would the traditional “tenting” technique most commonly used to treat for termites.

The Bingham’s tape-and-seal fumigation saved the local community center approximately $75,000 as compared to the cost of traditional tent fumigation. If the JCC had been tented, it would have been a five-day job requiring a 20-person crew, cranes to drape the tarp and workers on the roof. The Bingham’s tape-and-seal procedure required four people, no cranes, no tarp and no extra liability, and was completed in two-and-a-half days.

“Not only was this technique a huge cost savings, but it was also more aesthetically pleasing,” Garcia said. “There can be a stigma associated with tenting. If you’re driving down the street and see a tented building, you don’t know if they’re treating for cockroaches or rats, or just termites.”

tampa termite treatment

Tape-and-seal fumigation can be used on certain buildings that have wood-destroying insects located only on the interior of the building. It involves using duct or painter’s tape to seal off all doors, windows and access points to keep the gas fumigant inside the building.

The Bingham’s team uses state-of-the-art gas monitors that constantly take readings throughout fumigation. Every minute the technology cycles through four individual zones to pull a sample, analyzes the fumigant and sends results to a computer. Certified operators monitor gas levels and whether the readings are maintaining the correct levels to achieve a successful fumigation. This results in using approximately one-third less fumigant than traditional tenting methods where monitoring is not performed.

Learn more about Bingham’s Tampa termite treatments for homes and businesses.

Bingham’s has offered tape-and-seal fumigation for treating wood-destroying organisms and bed bugs for four years, for both commercial and residential properties. Bingham’s has perfected this technique for large commercial buildings like the JCC and the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, which Bingham’s treated last year.

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